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The Avatar Menu is a multiplayer game mode in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded that is largely a port of Kingdom Hearts Mobile, with the addition of the "Avatar Sector" (アバターシステムエリア Abatā Shisutemu Eria?, lit. "Avatar System Area"). The Avatar Menu is subdivided into "Customize Avatar", where the player can design their personal avatar, "Avatar Sector", the special 100-floor System Sector, and "Tag Mode", which allows the player to send and receive Balloon Letters.

The Customize Avatar menu houses the Avatar Parts, a feature based upon the avatar system in Kingdom Hearts Mobile. The Avatar Sector is a special System Sector that is built by the player, one floor at a time. Tag Mode (すれちがい通信 Surechigai Tsuushin?, lit. "Passing Communication") is a communications system which allows the player to obtain Balloon Letters (メール Mēru?, lit. "Mail") from other avatars, which contain Avatar Sector floors and Scratch Cards. (more....)

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