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For December, we're going to be cleaning-up a recently-updated project, Project: Music. This project deals with the wiki's coverage of the Kingdom Hearts music. Most of the project has been completed, all that needs to be done is creating the individual pages for the many tracks in the series. These pages will require a list of appearances, the album art, and a composition section. These beautiful pieces need to be covered, so go fill the pages out. Note: you may end up singing the songs while you work...


Book of Retribution KHII.png

For November, we're going to be cleaning-up a long-time project, Project: Manga. This project deals with the wiki's coverage of the Kingdom Hearts manga. This includes summaries for the chapters of all the currently-English-released volumes. We need to fill out all the information on the volume pages, as well as for the individual chapters. We also need help uploading all the covers for the chapters. This includes the chapter cover, and the "Back cover". So, get reading, and help us out! Go!


Limit Form Orb KHIIFM.png

For October, we're going to focus our cleanup efforts on a new project, the Redirected Abilites project. This project deals with giving a brand new page for every ability in the series. These abilities currently redirect you to the abilities section of their respective characters. To do this, the project forum lists all the abilities we need to make. The information for each of these can be found on their respective Abilities page for each game. We also need to decide how to handle Limits and their respective abilities, so head on over and voice your opinion on all these matters. And get involved, we need to finish these abilities!


Potion KHII.png

For September, we are completing the long-forgotten Project: Items. Fortunately, most of the work has already been completed but there's a few tasks left to do. Firstly, a sub-set Project: Key Items has started. Its aim is to cover every key item on the wiki appropriately and extensively. You can help out by doing any of the tasks listed! Secondly, a new Item Infobox has been created. This needs to be implemented in every item article appropriate, such as consumables (e.g. Potion) and synthesis materials. If you see an item page without the infobox, completing the page would be a great help!
We're counting on all the editors to help with the Cleanup. Operation commence!


Picture KHII.png

For August, we are pressing on with our image renovation, a task that has existed for a long time now. To complete this mini-project, we must look over the majority of our images and make sure they all adhere to the KHWiki:Media policy. The main problems are badly named files, images needing transparency, and uploading quality images over unsatisfying ones. Directions for this mini-project can be found on this forum thread while discussion can be made for it at the section below. If you have a query about this mini-project, feel free to speak with any of the staff or anyone else working on the project!


Traverse Town KH.png

After its revival, the first Cleanup of the Month is Traverse Town. To complete this Cleanup, we must address minor issues that crop up within this article. Firstly, nihongo templates need to be added to the area names for the Fourth and Fifth Districts and Re:coded's additional areas. Secondly, anchored links need to be revised to ensure that they are effective and aren't excessive. Since it is the first mini-project we're doing after a long hiatus, this month's Cleanup only focuses on a single article, although this trend won't continue in the future.