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Hunny Drizzle

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Hunny Drizzle (ハニーダウンプール Hanī Daunpūru?, lit. "Honey Downpour") is a technique in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to rain honey on enemies from directly overhead.


In Kingdom Hearts III, Hunny Drizzle is one of the max-level Shotlocks of the Hunny Spout Keyblade, requiring 28 locks on a single enemy to use. When activated, Sora Formchanges the Keyblade into Hunny Blasters and fires a barrage of honey projectiles from above the enemy, with each projectile inflicting the Honey status effect for eight seconds. Visually, Sora's clothes transform into Guardian Form when using this Shotlock.

Learning Hunny Drizzle[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • The Hunny Spout has Hunny Drizzle as one of its max-level Shotlocks.

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