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Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Battle Levels[edit]

  • Before completing Monstropolis and Arendelle: 24
  • After completing Monstropolis and Arendelle: 28
  • After completing The Final World: 36


Item icon Blazing Shard
Item icon Blazing Stone
Item icon Lightning Shard
Item icon Lightning Stone
Item icon Lightning Gem
Item icon Mythril Stone
Item icon Mythril Gem
Item icon Soothing Shard
Item icon Soothing Stone
Item icon Soothing Gem
Item icon Wellspring Shard
Item icon Wellspring Stone
Item icon Wellspring Gem


# Item Location Notes
1 Item icon Map: Monsters, Inc. Lobby & Offices Near save point.
2 Item icon Hi-Potion Lobby & Offices Left end of hallway.
3 Item icon Technician's Ring+ Lobby & Offices Inside office.
4 Item icon Refocuser Laugh Floor Against the back wall.
5 Item icon Fencer's Earring Upper Level Enter from door at Lower Level.
6 Item icon Star Shield+ Lower Level On high ledge.
7 Item icon Hi-Potion Service Area Near save point.
8 Item icon Thunder Cufflink Upper Level / Service Area Inside elevator. Available after clearing the world.
9 Item icon Map: The Factory Basement
10 Item icon How To Play Golf Ground Floor Closed-off area reachable from Second Floor corridor.
11 Item icon Damascus Ground Floor Behind some boxes near end of conveyor belt.
12 Item icon Umbrella Rosette Ground Floor On ledge near save point.
13 Item icon Hi-Potion Second Floor Behind some boxes, next to conveyor belt.
14 Item icon Valor Ring Second Floor On ledge, near Accessway entrance.
15 Item icon Firefighter Rosette Accessway Near save point.
16 Item icon Fira Bangle Accessway
17 Item icon Damascus Accessway Near Tank Yard entrance.
18 Item icon Ether Tank Yard
19 Item icon Mickey's Circus Tank Yard Requires Diving Strike.
20 Item icon Mega-Ether Door Vault Passage Underneath stairs.
21 Item icon Megalixir Door Vault Passage Available after clearing the world.
22 Item icon Hi-Refocuser Accessway


Ingredient Location Appearance rate Notes
Lemon x2 / Orange x2 Lobby & Offices 100% Vending machine.
Dill x2 / Saffron x2 Lobby & Offices 100% Vending machine.
Rice x2 Lobby & Offices 100% Food box.
Filet Mignon x2 Laugh Floor 100% Food box; furthest desk.
Lemon x2 / Orange x2 Lower Level 100% Vending machine.
Tomato x2 / Dill x2 Lower Level 100% Vending machine.
Beef x2 Lower Level 100% Food box.
Pear x2 Lower Level 100% Vending machine.
Olive Oil x2 Lower Level 100% Vending machine.
Cheese x2 Ground Floor 100% Food box; closed-off area reachable from Second Floor corridor.
Onion x2 Second Floor 100% Food box.
Olive Oil x2 Accessway 100% Vending machine.
Mussel x2 Accessway 100% Food box.
Orange x2 / Pear x2 Tank Yard 100% Vending machine.
Celery x2 / Saffron x2 Tank Yard 100% Vending machine.

Lucky Emblems[edit]

# Image Location Notes
1 Lucky Emblem Laugh Floor Drawing on clipboard at one of the far desks.
2 Lucky Emblem Laugh Floor Imprint on floor underneath clown.
3 Lucky Emblem Upper Level Imprint on wall.
4 Lucky Emblem Upper Level Formed by colored doors; in area with Banana Flan.
5 Lucky Emblem Ground Floor Imprint on wall.
6 Lucky Emblem Ground Floor Paint on floor; near save point.
7 Lucky Emblem Second Floor Imprint on wall.
8 Lucky Emblem Accessway Imprint on file cabinet; near save point.
9 Lucky Emblem Accessway Imprint on doorpost.
10 Lucky Emblem Tank Yard Formed by pipes.
11 Lucky Emblem Door Vault Passage Puddle of water; available after clearing the world.