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The Hi-Refocuser sprite
"Restores the entire Focus Gauge."
Japanese ハイフォーカスリカバー
Rōmaji Hai Fōkasu Rikabā

Translation High Focus Recover
Item Rank Buy Sell
Hi-Refocuser 250 Munny

The Hi-Refocuser is an item in Kingdom Hearts III. It restores the Focus Gauge to full.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Hi-Refocuser sprite Hi-Refocuser
Requires Obtain 32 different synthesis materials.
Ingredients The Blazing Stone material sprite Blazing Stone x3
The Lightning Stone material sprite Lightning Stone x3
The Lucid Stone material sprite Lucid Stone x3
The Hungry Stone material sprite Hungry Stone x1


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Chest at Main Floor: 1F, chest at the Accessway, chest at the Fort, chest at the South District, chest at the Central District.

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