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No.i - I'm Ventus. Call me Ven.
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My favorites are Radiant Garden and Keyblade Graveyard, while my least favorites are Holloween Town and Wonderland.

My favorite... probly world that never was, or bbs version of radient garden. As for my least favorite... DIE ATLANTICA DIE!!!... sorry. but if there were lasars on the gummi ship, i would shoot them at atlantica, jus sayin.

My favorite worlds are Halloweentown and Timeless River, my less favorite are the Olympus Coliseum, The World That Never Was, and End of the World.

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LapisScarab - Xemnas (card).png You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turned away by both light and dark - never given a choice? Nobody.png
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Interdiction KHD.png The World That Never Was is my current favorite, though I think the Birth by Sleep version of Radiant Garden may threaten that. Atlantica is annoying in every game it's appeared in, and Wonderland is a close second.

VoidCommanderExdeath - The memory's wiles can be cruel. In its silence, we forget. In its obsession, it binds our hearts.
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My favorite is Twilight Town, bar none. My least favorite...probably Halloween Town.

Firaga44 - Everyone's favorite anime nerd is back and kicking!Well not everyone's favorite but you people get the idea >.<
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I love Pride lands Monstro and Atlantica and I hate Hollow Bastion.I was stuck in that god forsaken place for a whole year.....

D.Dark - Master of lame names!
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Favorite Is Twilight Town and least favorite is the same as Firaga's, Hollow Bastion. Sister gets game (doesnt play but lents me)i play until i get to Agrabah (lose the game and then finally find it 4 years later), then i get to Hollow Bastion and get stuck there for nearly 2 years...f***ing Riku, f***ing puzzles!

Khruler - I'm going to eat u!
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mine favorites are the world that never was,hollow bastion,and the end of the world

Pokhmon - I'm so FLATTERED!
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my fave is probably twtnw and my least favorite is timeless river i was stuck there for like 2 years becouse of the burning building
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Talk_Bubble_Legend_zpsa9c4698c.png Castle Oblivion and Olympus Coliseum are the best, and I hate Atlantica and Wonderland.
Disneyvillainman - Hades - A (card).png Wonderboy has dropped out of the Standings!
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Other Emblem.png My favorites are Hollow Bastion, Traverse Town, and the Pridelands. My least favorites are The World That Never Was, Space Paranoids, and Monstro

In all games my favourite world was Halloween Town, I just loved that place and the movie the nightmare before christmas. My least favourite was Atlantica. Too hard in KH (Damn you Ursula and your cauldrin from hell) and just a bunch of annoyingly catchy songs in KH2. Bananaphone1996

Roxas-X-Namine - My friends are my power!
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I'll go with Radiant Garden and Twilight Town as my favorite and Atlantica as my least. (ugh..!) Like a singing gamplay in KH2, now that just plain dumb!

I like Hollow Bastion but I hated Atlantica.

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Erry - Let me think about it.
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Use the signature button, please. Anyways, my absolute favorite of the game series is Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, it has always been like that since KHI because of it's amazing design. My least favorites are Agrabah and Halloween Town.