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TALK - Okay, why not? I'll go with you guys." - 10:39
Hello eveyone and Happy New Year! If you have listened to my New Year's Reflection on its respective forum then you might have heard about the whole thing with SEGA replacing the current cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog voice actors (team 4Kids, except for Mike Pollok, who's still around to keep Eggman from sounding underdramatic) with, well a number of different actors who can't be placed in a category or never worked with one another (MOSTLY). Most of you might not care and hey I don't blame you since this is a Kingdom Hearts wiki (for the mean-time) and this is Sonic related so it would be more at home on the Sonic News Network wiki, if not for the strange force field that prevents people (or at least me, in both wiki alter egos) from eciting anything, let alone letting anyone know I'm out there. But enough of that, because this is where the Kingdom Hearts related stuff comes in. Last night I was checking out news on the new Sonic Crew (gota call the voice acting team something right?) and when I looked at the voices in Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colors for the DS (apparently the more well received of this Holiday bundle), aside from seeing our (or at least my) favorite voices for our (or again, my) favorite characters being replaced by other videogame/other-category voice actors, I was both shocked, amazed, and confused when I discovered the new voices for Sonic's two famous dopplegangers Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog. SHADOW Is Being Voiced By KIRK THORNTON (A.K.A. SAIX), And SILVER Is Being Voiced By QUINTON FLYNN (A.K.A. AXEL, As Well As Reno And Various Other Video Game And Anime Characters)!!! That's right, Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days' very own Saix and Axel are now the voices of Sonic's douples from both Past and Future, respectively. This hit me harder than when I discovered the replacment of the 4Kids! Team (minus Pollok) overall, let alone Jason Griffith as Sonic. So for me right now this is both facinating, kinda cool, but also confusing, wierd, unneccessary, and ironic (I would put more things but there are more reasons why it is ironic as well)! I haven't heard anyone's voices outside of Sonic and Tails's voices from Sonic Colors for the Wii(and Orbot's, origonaly SA55 which is 1337 for "sass", who Kirk also voiced, not that I could tell before reading it), I have heard people's impressions on at least Shadow's voice from Free Riders and though while some people applauded Thornton's ability to portay him similarly to Saix, they also critisized his use of tone making him sound way too serious (well, more that Shadow should be anyway) and more like a cold-blooded cerieal killer than an anti-hero who just tries to stay distant from others for their own safety. This, along with the rest of the crew in Free Riders, caused most critics to call the cast "laudable", as one put it, and being introduced in a game like Free Riders probably wasn't the best choice, concidering its game play reviews. As for Silver, I haven't heard or seen anythinig about him yet, but I have to say that I have mixed feelings about having Flyyn in the series. I mean I love the idea that I can hear one of my favorite voice actors in two of my favorite game series' now, but I question SEGA's decission to cast him as Silver. Personaly, I pictured Flynn voicing Sonic, not some guy who didn't even audition and that I never heard of. And I can nevr honestly imagine Silver without the detirmened and somewhat whiney kid-like voice of Rick Gomez (who also voices our very own Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII and Birth by Sleep), who I've always liked--Oh, wait, my mistake! Silver was actually voiced by PETE CAPELLA before Flynn, but you gotta admit, they sound almost too similar. Still, it's hard to imagine Silver going from sounding almost more determined and gullable than Knuckles to sounding like a sarcastic wild card like Axel. I don't know what happens now, but I'm going to end this quick before I get automaticly signed out for being on the same page for too long. So give me your oppinions on this whole thing and let's try to find out where this is heading in the future (which for me is that hopefully SEGA changes their minds and gets back Team 4Kids! and makes a remix or port of Sonic Colors to the PS3 and 360 with more stable controlls and better jokes, or at least gets the new team's act together so we don't start another fan war).

And not to mention Amy sounds alot like Minnie Mouse! SeanWheeler 20:50, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

I didn't even read that wall of text. Mind elaborating in short, laymans terms? --Ag (Silver) - 47 107.8682 amu ~Crono Vsymbol1.png 21:31, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

maggosh ...the flint is struck. "Maybe I should punish you after all."

"Come on! Show a little backbone!"

Yes, that entire post is tl;dr worthy.

AROS - My friends are my power!
TALK - Okay, why not? I'll go with you guys." - 19:53
Well I guess I should have seen this one comeing. Okay, short version (Read the bold section for the main explanation, you can skip the rest):

For those of you here that also like the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, news has probably already caught on to you that the entire 4Kids! Sonic voice acting team (except for Mike Pollok A.K.A., Dr. Eggman) has been kicked out by SEGA, their five-year contracts apparently expiring. Now, with almost no auditions, SEGA has already replaced the team with an almost random/unrelated group of actors (most with expirence and fame) in their hopes to keep the characters the way we have always known them, except for Sonic, ironicly, since they want Roger Smith (Sonic's new voice after the almighty Jason Grifith) to portray Sonic's voice as being more "mature" (another ironic statement since mature doesn't neccessaraly describe Sonic's nature). Anyway, the main point is that two of the franchis's main characters, the old and new heroe/anti-heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog (oddly no relation between them or Sonic) have not only had their voices rebooted by someone outside of 4Kids!, but by two people WE should be familiar with. Does Saix and Axel ring a bell? That's right, straight from Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days are Kirk Thornton (voice of Saix/Isa) voicing Shadow and Quinton Flynn (voice of Axel/Lea) voicing Silver! Can you believe it!?

This had me shocked, confused, and a little questioning because though for one thing probably almost everyone on this site would have picked Thornton for Shadow if it was up to them, though when I heard him in Sonic Free Riders he sounded a BIT too much like Saix which then brought me back to how ghost-like he sounded in Sonic Adventure 2. As for Silver though, as usual he doesn't seem to get too much of a significant role in new instalments but what little speaking roles he had in either Free Riders or Colors (DS version) seemed to put my heart at ease a little bit when I was a bit unsure if Flynn should be voiceing Silver (when for reasons already stated, I believe that Rick Gomez should if anybody) and not Sonic rather than Smith. In any case though, it seems that now you could probably say that we have KH people on the inside now, their tallents possibly attracting more fans of the KH series into the Sonic series too if their portrayals manage to pay off. So there. I know that this is still a wall of text (I'm even tempted to make a Sark refference right about now, "Going somewhere?") but I've tried getting to the main points.

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Interdiction KHD.png Uh... for those of you who want an actual short version, Kirk Thorton and Quinton Flynn are voicing Shadow and Silver the Hedgehogs in Sonic. This apparently surprised AROS.
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And by some chance, I had brought my dice along! — 00:12, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

Keyblade-Blk.png First of all, LapisScarab should be the official Wall O' Text Abridger. We need one of those. Badly.

Second of all, AROS. Not that your subject on Sonic the Hedgehog isn't totally, entirely uninteresting for viewers of a Kingdom Hearts forum, but this isn't necessary for a forum. Even if it is our more lax and free forum, you really can do better things with your words than make rants in the forums. I actually notice this is not your first "wall o' text" thread you have made in this forum, so I do not want this to become a habit. I suggest you make a blog or post such long and irrelevant rants elsewhere.

AROS - My friends are my power!
TALK - Okay, why not? I'll go with you guys." - 12:19
Well, I guess I could try holding my breath while I type or something. What stinks is that I REALLY tried to shorten it that time. Guess you all saw how well that turned out huh? Still, while my typing habits could use improvment, my point still stands that this is technicly a Kingdom Hearts related topic, albit just about the voice actors in a different franchise. I just wanted to get all of my thoughts out at once so I don't have to come back numerous times just to say all of them (even if they are on forums I start). It just- eh who am I kidding, I'll start improving myself tomorrow (For right now, this is as short as I can make it without biting my nails or something like that).


11liu53.png ALSO, STOP DANCING. IT'S AWFUL. — 07:36, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

11liu53.png Yeah. I'm going to say it's like Knuckles the Echidna shares a voice actor with Mewtwo and Yami Yugi. And it's somehow amazing.

TALK - BL4444444R 08:13, January 5, 2011 (UTC)
and how Tom Kenny, the VA of Spongebob, shares with Kairi in the future game :D </liez> *trollface*

Should this forum be moved to Sonic News Network, because it seems to be focusing more on Sonic than Kingdom Hearts. SeanWheeler 02:15, January 13, 2011 (UTC)