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We have different image projects running at the wiki (Enemy Image Project, Project Image Renovation 1, 2) and different templates for misnamed, wanted or unsatisfying images as well. In order to get things a bit more centralized and editor friendly a page for all these problems would benefit the wiki.

Page Concept (in similiar fashion to the Zelda Wiki)[edit]

A large number of the images on Kingdom Hearts Wiki are in need of improvement. Chiefly, there are a lot of images needing background transparency, a lot needing lowercase file extensions, and a lot to be cropped from the black portions remaining from screenshots. There are also numerous low quality images needing to be replaced. All users are free to, and encouraged to, place image requests on this page, as well as carry out the tasks needing to be done. Just add the images to the correspond gallery.

Background Removal (Transparency)[edit]

This is where you can request for image backgrounds to be removed and made transparent. Images that have had their backgrounds removed incorrectly can also be placed here.

Misnamed Files and Capitalized Extensions[edit]

Category:Images with bad names
If an image doesn't follow the name convention, needs to be converted to the .png format or has a capitalized extensions, put it here.

Naming conventions
Naming scheme Description Example
General All character, item, world, keyblade, place or other images should be named of the format: Title (optional identifier if several images for same title) GameID.filetype. Sora (Valor Form) KHII.png
Cutscenes All cutscenes use the names of the Theater Mode and ## is the ordinal of that image (so if it's the only shot we have of that scene, it's 01, but if we have another, it's 01 or 02 depending on whether it comes before or after the other one): cutscene name ## GameID.png Walls of the Heart 03 KHBBS.png
Boss fight and other unnamed scenes For boss battles the convention is BOSS battle ## ID.png (where BOSS is the bosses' name) and for basic gameplay it's WORLD gameplay ## ID.png. If none of the general or cutscene naming conventions applies, this one is probably the one you're looking for. File:Data World (Gameplay) 01 KHREC.png
Trading Card Game There is more to consider when uploading TCG images, please check the respective project. Roxas BoD-9.png
Artworks All artworks use an (Art) identifier, the GameID is optional most of the time: Title (Art).png Dive to the Heart (Art).png
Game IDs
KH1 icon.png KH FM1 icon.png KHFM COM icon.png KHCOM REC icon.png KHRECOM KH2 icon.png KHII FM2 icon.png KHIIFM 358 icon.png KHD BBS icon.png KHBBS BBSFM icon.png KHBBSFM KHC icon.png KHC KHREC icon.png KHREC KH3D icon.png KH3D
Place abbreviations
Place KHWiki Square Enix (game files)
100 Acre Wood HAW PO
Agrabah AG AL
Atlantica AT LM
Beast's Castle BC BB
Castle Oblivion CO ZZ
Castle of Dreams CoD CD
Christmas Town CT XM
Counter of the Musketeers CotM
Deep Jungle DJ TZ
Deep Space DS LS
Destiny Islands DI DI
Disney Castle DC DC
Disney Town DT DC
Dive to the Heart DttH DH
Dwarf Woodlands DW SW
Enchanted Dominion ED SB
End of the World EotW EW
Halloween Town HT NM
Hollow Bastion HB HB
Jungle Book World N/A JB
Keyblade Graveyard KG KG
La Cité des Cloches
Land of Departure LoD DP
Mirage Arena MA VS
Monstro MO PI
Mysterious Tower MT YT
Neverland NL PP
Olympus Coliseum OC HE
Port Royal PR CA
Prankster's Paradise
Pride Lands PL LK
Radiant Garden RG RG
Realm of Darkness RoD ES
Space Paranoids SP TR
Symphony of Sorcery SoS
The Grid TG
The Land of Dragons LD MU
The World That Never Was TWTNW EH
Timeless River TR WI
Traverse Town TrT TW
Twilight Town TwT TT
Wonderland WL AW

Low Quality Images[edit]

Category:Unsatisfying Images
This section is for low quality images that need replacing, images that are watermarked or images that spot other errors like missing parts, reduced color fidelity or bad transparency. Normally we prefer ingame screenshots and press or website material from the English game version over scans and youtube screenshots but keep in mind that it's not always possible to get higher quality images due to console restrictions, material availability or other technical circumstances, so be reasonable if you put an image here.

Other Requests[edit]

Category:Articles in need of images
This section is for image editing requests that don't fit into the categories above. Stating for which purpose or page directly the images are needed is always a good idea, if the images are for your personal userspace or talk templates please don't use this page and ask editors, who make these images, directly. For this section, add the image, make your request and sign your post with ~~~~.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Trophy images[edit]

Most of the KH3D's trophy images are still missing, please add them. --A Concerned User


ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 21:43, 30 July 2012 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png Because this is still in concept stage there are no example images there yet. It would also be a good idea to rewrite our image policy here and here to match our new standards, the naming policy could also be moved on one of these pages instead. The introduction is a blatant rip-off of the Zelda Wiki, any help with rewriting the sections is greatly appreciated.