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KrytenKoro - You should have figured out whether bodies age without their hearts, Nomura.
Like the Keyblade and World images, all character, item, or other images should be named of the format "title (optional identifier if several images for same title) gameid.filetype".

So, "Leon KHII.jpg", or "Data Sora (profile) KHII.png"

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What about uploaded images which name doesn't follow the format? Will it be deleted? And images like "Leon Kingdom Hearts II.png is also good, right?
KrytenKoro - "An education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on."
They should be moved to a correct name. And no, that name is not good.

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I see. Can I help with changing the names, then?

Remind me: The abbreviations are KH, KHII, KH:COM, KHBBS, KHD, KHc? --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 15:33, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

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shouldn't it be KHBbS? And what about remakes and Final Mixes? Will it be like KHRECoM and KHBbSFM?
KrytenKoro - Click
All caps are used for these for simplicity, but yeah.

Lapidothtill - Marluxia (card).png What sound does an Arctic Tern make, Col?
Graceful Dahlia KHD.png Are you renaming real world items as well?

17master - Nothing is true un2.png Everything is permitted
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this may sound stupid, but, uh... How do we move pictures?
KrytenKoro - "Give a man a fire and he's warm for the day. But set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life."
Any KH image will get renamed (barring screenshots, probably).

Pictures are moved the same way that pages are. If you don't have the tab, then you don't have the permissions to move the image.

Instead, use Template:Bad Name, so that a mod or admin can just move the image to the correct title.

Sora Limit CT Sprite KHIIFM.png
17master Jingle! — Santa Claus is coming to town!

Snow! Lights! Snowmans! Bells! Hot chocolate! Presents!

D: Allright I'll put the templates, then. EDIT: Someone should put up how the bad name template is used.

Marluxia KHD.png
Lapidothtill Marluxia (card).png "As lightless oblivion devours you, drown in the ever-blooming darkness!".
Graceful Dahlia KHD.png All the Hot Topic merchandise is KHII, so you won't have to go looking for what game they're from. Also, I know this doesn't go here, and I apologize in advance, but the titles of the strategy guide pages are different. Some say Official and some say Signature Series. Example: Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide VS Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Signature Series Strategy Guide. What should they be named?
KrytenKoro - Click
This is just for images from the games; merchandise is not affected.
ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 11:09, 21 September 2011 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png The optional identifier for a second render in the same series used for battle stances is "(Battle)" now by the way. I think there was another forum on this topic, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. What about the forms?

Currently used examples:

  • File:Sora TR KHII.png
  • File:Sora (Vampire Form) KHII.png
  • File:Master Form HT KHII.png

Because there are no drive forms in KHI, the place should always come first in my opinion. So which is is now?

  • "Sora (Vampire Form) (Master Form) KHII"
  • "Sora HT (Master Form) KHII"
  • "Sora HT MF KHII"

There are forms that always match a place

  • Merman/Squid/Turtle ==> Atlantica (AT?)
  • Vampire/Mummy/Frankenstein/Halloween ==> Halloween Town (HT)
  • Data ==> Space Paranoids (SP)
  • Retro ==> Timeless River (TR)
  • Lion/Bird/Tortoise ==> Pride Lands (PL?)
  • Santa/Snowman/Reindeer ==> Christmas Town (CT)

But there are also forms that aren't like Card, Die or the Final Form of Xemnas. On the other hand there is the problem with the inhabitants of Timeless River. Is it File:Horace Horsecollar TR KHII.png or "Horace Horsecollar (Retro Form) KHII"? On a side note: Malificent as a Halloween Town form too.

But there is more: Is there a pattern how to name the KHCOM character images, which aren't renders like File:Axel-ChOfMem.png? Also could somebody make suggestions for name of these renders (because the standard is already taken):

  • File:Roxas_Render.PNG (often missed official KHII render)
  • File:Xemnas_KHIIFM.png (not KHIIFM at all)
  • File:Xemnas (Final Form) KHII.png and :File:Xemnas Final Form 2 KHII.png if we change the form apprendix.


  • File:Roxas Days Artwork.PNG
  • File:Axel Roxas Days.png
  • File:Axel Days.PNG
  • File:Xion 2 KHD.png

EW Green Chest.png
17master— "Hi, I'm the world famous talking Emerald Box!"

And I like to eat HUMAN cupcakes. — 12:41, 21 September 2011 (UTC)

Orichalcum+ KHII.pngThese are my opinions:

I think Sora (Master Form) HT KHII.png looks neat

As for world tags, those'll do

For TR inhabitants, they're actually the old version of Disney characters, so I don't know if we should use "Form". Maybe something like "Horrace Horsecollar (Retro) KHII.png", without the Form

For KHCoM images, they're sprites so maybe something like "Axel (Sprite) KHCOM.png" and for talk bubbles, "Axel (Talk Bubble) # KHCOM.png

For those KHII and KHD images, I thought we can use numbers to identify second or third render? Like that Xion 2 KHD.png

KrytenKoro - And when you see me standing there, you'll know you've got a friend with a rock, I mean a big-ass rock.
I'm honestly not sure the "Vampire/Retro/etc." stuff is official, especially for non-party members. I would prefer we use the world IDs (TR, HT, etc.) So, "Sora (Master Form) HT KHII.png". The non-world ones should use regular parsers (e.g. "Sora (Card Form) KHII.png")

For the KHCoM renders vs. sprites...I believe the wider standard is to actually give the sprites the KHCOM ID, in which case I'd recommend the renders getting (Render). If that's going to be more difficult to implement, I would suggest (Sprite) and (Talksprite #) for the sprites. (Speaking of KHCOM sprites, is there any chance you could replace the GBA-version Moogle Shop deck sprites with the ReCoM renders?) Basically, what would be easier on you guys to implement?

  • The Roxas image should be "Roxas (Black Coat) KHII.png".
  • I suppose the Xemnas image should be "Xemnas (Battle) KHII.png".
  • "Xemnas (Final Form, Battle) KHII.png" and "Xemnas (Final Form) KHII.png".
  • "Roxas 2 KHD.png"
  • "Axel & Roxas (Battle) KHD.png"
  • "Axel 2 KHD.png"
  • Fine as is.

Why wouldn't it just be "File:Horace Horsecollar KHII.png"? Why does it need any modifier at all? Besides that, I agree with Kryten, although I'd make it "(Talk Sprite) #". --Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 16:45, 21 September 2011 (UTC)

Well, not just Horace. Mickey and Pete too. It's not a form, just them from a different time period."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 17:24, 21 September 2011 (UTC)
So we'll use "Horace Horsecollar TR KHII.png" then? I scrolled through the KHCOM Ultimania and they use the Render/Artwork for the characters which have another special little window under their description called "X's Action" (e.g. Sora's Action) where some "ingame models" are shown (3 for Sora and Riku, 2 for Goofy, Donald and Namine, the Rest got just 1 with the exception of poor Jiminy). So we could call them "Sora's Action KHCOM" or "Sora (Action) KHCOM" or does this sound too stupid? "Sora (Sprite) KHCOM" is fine too of course. But I wouldn't rename the renders (renders) because they are the official image material or are they not?--ShardofTruth 17:46, 21 September 2011 (UTC)
I don't think we need the world ID on Horace, there's only the one image of him.
If the renders are plentiful, then let's parse the sprites instead."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 18:01, 21 September 2011 (UTC)

About the 3 images I uploaded onto the wiki...

...yeah I don't know what the First Type of Dream Eaters are called. Are they called Spirits? SMG2_Starbit.pngKeyblade0 11t5t1g.png

Yes. --ShardofTruth 10:06, 23 September 2011 (UTC)

ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 11:59, 25 September 2011 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png The Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories renders:

We currently have have the following renders labeled with the some sort of ReCoM ID:

  • File:King Mickey KHRECOM.png First time seen in some scans regarding KHIIFM+, used in the KHIIFM+ Ultimania.
  • File:Namin%C3%A9 ReCoM.png A tricky one, never seen in any Ultimania completely, the Kingdom Hearts II Ultimania Alpha uses an cutout. The earliest source is likely to be magazine scan for KHIIFM+. It's reused later for KHD.
  • File:Riku HT ReCoM.png Screenshot from a custom model created by IZerox. A ripped texture from KHRECOM is used on a KH model.
  • File:Marluxia (Second Form) ReCoM.png Cropped screenshot.
  • File:Marluxia %28Third Form%29 ReCoM.png Cropped screenshot.
  • File:Gargoyle ReCoM.png First time used in the KHCOM Ultimania instead of the normal KH render (like the rest was), later reused in the KHIIFM+ Ultimania for the KHRECOM section.
  • File:Wight Knight ReCoM.png The same as above.

So what ID should be used? I prefer KHRECOM, because it's the pattern (KHBBS instead of KH BbS etc.) we're using for a while now but obviously there is some dispute about it.

KrytenKoro - Ṱ͐͒H̫̾̃E͈͔͍͔̾̋ͦ̕ ͇̜͖͉̘̬͙̃̇̊͜N͙͉̑̓̌ͤĬ̸͇̖͈͒̃Gͧ͊̈́­̮̠̟͖̝̩H̽͌̀T͚̹̝̐ͬ̂̔̄ ̿̈́̊̃ͦ͆͑A̘̝̖ͪͯ́̀ͣ̿̃͝I̟͑ͬR̡͎̩̚ ̠̪̈́̑̏̏̋C̯̲ͩ́͐͒͂ͪ͜Ä͍̜̣̼̹́͌̋̀͒͂ͅ­N̅͐̆ͪ̓̋ͩ ̣ͮͧͧ͌Ả̼̤̜̫̩̜̾̕L͓͓̺̤̘̠̀W̷͗͂ͦ̾͒­̭̯̼A̘͓̰̠͉͇̬Y̵̒ͧͩ̇ͅS ̦̻̯̟̮̭̟̓̒͑͋C̮̱͔͔̖̯ͦͧͨ͋̑A̤ͩ̉̅ͪR­̞͉̣̦̪̜̮͛̉̎̀ͩ̍̇R̢̥̳̝̟̺̣̈Y͗͋̅͏͇̳­̪͎̺ ̭͈͍̝̣͍̒̎̑͘O̖̗͇̲̲̖͊̈́̿ͨ͑ͅN̩̰͉͍͍͖­͙E̩̹̣̰̣͓̖̽̊͡ ̲̮͔̯̦̋̿ͧͫ̓ͅM͇̌͌̔́O̱̫̯̬̤̗̲͛R̙̽E­̥̦̫̺͙̩̏̒ͯͭ́ ̖̫̯͉̱ͣͯͩ͊͐͆ͫS̰̿̊̑̋ͩ̇ͅC̘̣̜͍̆̆ͧ͜­R̞̾͐̋̆̚Ë̡͇̓A̙͈M̡̤̙̈
KHRECOM is fine, I just wanted us to stick to the existing IDs until we figured it out.


  • KH
  • KHFM
  • KHII
  • KHD
  • KHC
  • KH3D

Place abbreviations[edit]

Place Wiki Square Enix
100 Acre Wood HAW PO
Agrabah AG AL
Atlantica AT LM
Beast's Castle BC BB
Castle Oblivion CO ZZ
Castle of Dreams CoD CD
Christmas Town CT XM
Deep Jungle DJ TZ
Deep Space DS LS
Destiny Islands DI DI
Disney Castle DC DC
Disney Town DT DC
Dive to the Heart DttH DH
Dwarf Woodlands DW SW
Enchanted Dominion ED SB
End of the World EotW EW
Halloween Town HT NM
Hollow Bastion HB HB
Jungle Book World N/A JB
Keyblade Graveyard KG KG
Land of Departure LoD DP
Mirage Arena MA VS
Monstro MO PI
Mysterious Tower MT YT
Neverland NL PP
Olympus Coliseum OC HE
Port Royal PR CA
Pride Lands PL LK
Radiant Garden RG RG
Realm of Darkness RoD ES
Space Paranoids SP TR
The Land of Dragons LD MU
The World That Never Was TWTNW EH
Timeless River TR WI
Traverse Town TrT TW
Twilight Town TwT TT
Wonderland WL AW