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Firaga44 - Everyone's favorite anime nerd is back and kicking!Well not everyone's favorite but you people get the idea >.<
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Likes:fruit,Roxas,flowers Dislikes:Vexen,Xemnas Ablities:healing ablities,blizzard,stop,Water Weapon:spear Quotes:I won't go back!There he goes again.Xemnas i won't do it! Battle quotes:Take this!Ice!Time!Water! Looks:red hair,blue eyes,5'3

Name: Kerixa Likes: Demyx, Axel, Xigbar, Marluxia, Aladdin Dislikes: Kairi, Sora, Xion, Larxene Abilities: Can turn into any animal she wants, can summon any animal she wants, able to destroy anyone in the organization (including Xemnas, Siax and Larxene) she can destroy these people easily with no effort. Element: Animals Weapon: chinese fan with blades Siblings: Axel, Marluxia, Xigbar and Demyx Quotes: Tell me what I want to know, or Jasmine dies. What's this, you have forgotten who you are fighting for? What a shame, considering she's dead. I am what's left of organization 13; my name is Kerixa. You can only push and animal so hard! I have had enough of you sora, after you killed my brothers and my superior; everything comes with a price. WHAT MORE CAN YOU TAKE AWAY FROM ME!? Battle quotes: Bring it on Roxas, You are too slow, You will never defeat me Looks: Long brown hair, cat woman hat, high heel boots (like Larxene) and blue eyes (more information on kerixa is on my page: mistlynn)

Tigger (Talk sprite) 3 KHCOM.png
PrincessAndie8thprincessofheart - I'm the only one!
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Name: Andie

Likes: Destroying things, fighting, Riku, Tigger Dislikes: None exist, cuz she just destroys them! Abilities: Fly, Sneak around, steal cars, can somehow survive every dangerous thing she gets herself into, good at ALL magic. Weapon: Tigger Keyblade Quotes: I must DESTROY! LOL! I'll never go to the dark! ( When told to prepare to die ) I DON'T WANNA REPAIR A PIE YOU FREAK! Battle Quotes: Yah! Ha! You have no heart! Prepare to Die! Looks: Blond Hair that is in two braids pulled back, Blue eyes ( which turn purple when she gets mega angry at someone ), Tall. Other: Anger Management issues, good sense of humor, hates sexist attitudes.

Firaga44 - Dissidia is awesome!
TALK - I'll be playing crisis core over there*points to a corner*.

Likes:Riku,Roxas,Jewelry,Fruit Dislikes:Sora,Earthquakes,Namine Ablities:Random spell,Meteor,Holy,Weird dance Quotes:What the??Somehow i can crash with dying.I love pie.somehow i don't know how i can be in life or death sitaution and not die it's a complete mystery to me Looks:Short,Curly brown hair,tall, Weapon:Pie bombs Other:Hates mince meat,say pie a lot,and has a crush on riku

Joe Keyblade Aura Come chat! — You shouldn't judge anyone based on appearance.

Gotcha now!


Likes:Kairi,keyblades,hot wings,Larxene,anmie,Japan Dislikes:roxas,mice,nightmares,murder,fear Abilities:cure fire barf tigger slamon slap Quotes:hi.can i be your friend? Looks:long gold hair as tall as a planet Others:has AD/HD,loves the color indigo,is clairvoiant

Eternal Nothingness XIII - Terra Master Symbol.png Ven, Aqua... I'll find some way to make things right.
TALK - This light... it's so warm. — 12:15, 17 July 2009 (UTC)
Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png I'll use my Organization member, Morraxda. A male Nobody with silver, spiky hair like Weiss' from Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus. Weilds two Keyblades, Superior's Revenge and Dark Designs. Likes power and authority, but dislikes those who oppose him.
DarkestofHearts - We may both be different, but that doesn't mean we're the same.
TALK - Look at me,Roxas. Who do you see?

Likes:Food,fighting,shorts Dislikes:Kairi,heroes,stupid people Abilities:Power of Darkness Quotes:Join me in darkness!The light,It burns!I'm nothing. Battle Quotes:You fool!Here it comes!Come, Darkness! Looks:Long black hair, green eyes.

Name: Blaze

Likes: Couples he can tease, intense battles, most Disney movie music (don't ask, you'll find out below) Dislikes: Cold rooms, chilly weather, any enemy who goes after his friends. Abilities in battle: All fire-based techniques, fire versions of Gravity, Magnet, Reflect, Stop, and Aero. Abilities outside of battle: Conjure fire from any spot, create ball of unique energy used to make most types of music. Weapon: Bond of Flame Keyblade. Quotes: STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I'll make you pay for this! You should know by now: if you mess with fire, you're gonna get burned. Battle Quotes: Firaga! Prepare to burn! Firestorm! Nice try! It's over! Looks: Crew cut dirty-blonde hair, green eyes, 5'2". Keyblader 01:08, 21 July 2009 (UTC)


Gender: Female

Likes: Pumpkin Pie, Sea Salt ice cream, Really Cold Weather

Dislikes: Being a Nobody, Warm Weather, Evil People, Pecan Pie

BattleQuotes: "Take that!" " I thought I warned you!" "SAND"(then sandtornadoes appear)

Looks: Blond hair, blue eyes, REALLY pale skin, 5' 5"

Weapon: light blue chakrams

Name: Xeyj

Gender: Male Age:13 Likes: Kairi, Namine. Dislikes: Larxene, Mansex Xemnas. Abilities: Is telekinetic. Weapon: A Purple/Black Ultima Keyblade. Quotes: 'You don't wanna mess with me.' 'Was that supposed to hurt.' 'DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!' 'That the best you got.' (Chops off enemies legs)'NOW WHO'S SHORT!'. Looks: Jet Black hair, Short for his age, Pale skin. Other: Has anger problems.

Name: Kyle Gender: Male Age: 14 Likes: Seafood, chocolate, justice, Larxene Dislikes: Spinach, Xehanort, "that Pete guy" Weapon: Yellow chakrams Quotes: "Ouch I'm hurt. By the way, that was sarcasm." "Give me your best shot! That was your best shot? I'm disappointed." "Heartless, Nobodies, Universed, are these what pass for enemies nowadays? (Shadow walks by, Kyle kills him in one slash) I'm bored." Abilities: Wields the power of sunlight, water, cheesecake. Secret wish: To meet King Mickey in person. Looks: Spiky black hair, tan skin J.Severe

Sora (Antiform) KHII.png
Hellflash1416 - ................
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Name: Jexse

Gender: Male Age: 20 Likes: fire, solitude, swords Dislikes: Light, darkness, donald, organization XIII, pete, malificent Element: Lightning Weapon: Twin Lightning Blades that can transform into whips Quotes: .....go away, im neither of light nor dark Battle Quotes: Die!, i need more power, im not finished, your death is near, show me the power of the keyblade, hmph i thought this would be more of a challenge looks: black hair, one ice blue eye and one blood red eye, black over coat, black shirt, black pants, black shoes abilities: conjure lightning, lightning speed, copy one unique ability from a defeated opponent and through that, conjure a corridor of darkness (gained from defeating a heartless)

Name: Axtem Gender: Male Likes: Reading, fighting, and...that's pretty much it Dislikes: Being a Nobody Element: Gravity Weapon: Flail Notable Quote: "How can we not exist...if we are right here?" Battle Quotes: "Witness my true force!" "Float!" "Orbit!" "Crush!" Appearance: Blonde hair with very pale skin. Actually rather muscular. Abilities: Being able to control gravity, Axtem has the ability to float around, along with causing his opponent to float. However, he prefers to shoe glue them, and then strike them with aerial combos. The ball on his flail can also "orbit" around him with a wide range. VoidCommanderExdeath 18:39, October 16, 2009 (UTC)

I drew some pictures of my own character a while ago, but never decided on a name for him. He's got a split personality type thing goin' on, and each one uses its own keyblade (which I also have not named) or both of them combined into one. (should I post the photobucket link to this picture?) Peetzaman 04:02, October 31, 2009 (UTC)

D.Dark - Master of lame names!
TALK - D.Dark. 21:20, November 8, 2009 (UTC)
Name: Logor

Gender: Male

Nickname: Silent Assassin

Likes: Sleeping,slacking around,ninja's,playing card games with Luxord,taking a solo on Demyx's sitar,stealing Xigbars eyepatch, and breaking into Larxene's room.

Dislikes:Xemnas,Xaldin,Vexen,Cheese,Potatoes and cleaning.


Weapon: Dual Scythes.

Quote's: "Sleep,sleep some more and then sleep again thats my motto".

Battle Quotes: "Vanish!","Come crashing down!","Behind you!","Missed me","You dont mind if i nap a bit cause this is boRING!".

Appearance:Dark bedhead hair,sapphire eye's,black baggy pants,Silver hoodie.

Abilities: Handling the element of space is no game and it takes a lot of energy (hence Logor's constant sleeping)but it makes him capable of disappearing in one place and appearing in another making use of his scythes to truly be a Silent Assassin. Due to the power of teleportation Logor can easily escape battle if wounded but that has only happened one time. Having expert skills rivaling Marluxia with the dual scythes Logor can easily overpower an opponent with out the use of Space and only brute force combined with skillfully using the dual scythes. A special ability of Logor's is that he can use a special type of air magic to either drain all the oxygen around an opponent,slice them with waves of air or send a big cyclone to the enemy to rattle him up among other things. Logor specializes in aerial combat but can also handle himself on the ground.

Kenkaku - So... The time for me to release the seal has come...
TALK - Baiohaza gash through this world!
Name: Kenkaku Zen Global

Weapon: Baiohaza - A sword that poisons all who are cut by it.

Spells: Blizarga, Fire, Stopra, Rerflect, Curaga

Battle Quotes: Break the seal!, Feel the frost, You've forced my hand, Stop... FOREVER!, Don't worry the poison is quick and painless.

Name: Xarven Zureka Kae

Original World: Unknown

Title: The Bloodsoaked Faerie

Element: Blood

Nobody that She Controls: Tiny Faerie, a Nobody that is actually 7 feet tall when provoked or mocked. In appearance, it is 6 inches tall and slowly flies around. It attacks with magnetic blades that send small drops of Xarven's black blood into the attacker's blood stream.

Weapon: A ring blade named Kuro Shi and a scythe Named Shi no Hime, both of which infect your body with a black blood that slowly kills you without any side effects.

Gender: Female

DOB: 12/04

Likes: Reading with Zexion after a hard day's work, smashing Demyx's guitar into a million pieces- then gluing it back together, reading in her room on rainy days, picking flowers with Marluxia, Xemnas, Xemnas's random Kingdom Hearts rants, playing strip poker with Luxord, using profanity every three words.

Dislikes: Roxas, Larxene, Leaxeus, the fact that Saix can easily beat her in a battle when in Berserker mode, the color yellow.

Things Xarven Says A Lot: "Sorry that your brain capacity can't obtain much, Roxas."....."Mission accomplished. Now, where's that bastard Zexion?"

Battle Quotes: "Bleed, Shi No Hime (activates her weapon)"...."There's only two things you need to worry about right now. How I'm going to kill you, and how you're going to enjoy it."....."Choke on your own damn blood, whore."......"Die!"......"Let's see how long you can play with me."

Looks: Wears thigh high, 5-inched heeled Organization boots instead of the original. Red eyes and onyx hair that travels down to ankles.

We have a fandom wiki for this, y'know Kaihedgie 16:24, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

KH2FFMM - Sink into the ever blooming darkness!
TALK - The beginning of the end! 07:35, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

Title:The Controlling Psycho

Weapon:Death Orb


Original name:Reaik

Name: Adam; Gender: Male; Abilities: Synch Blade, Telekinesis, Aerial Dodge, creation of artificial hearts; Weapon(s): Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon; Quote: "You have the right to remain silent, anything you do say will be taken out of context and used against you." Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes. Black and red shoes, blue jeans, black shirt, black and red baseball cap. Armor plated pauldron on left should

maggosh Strike backwards... "That's a nice expression."

You're terrified, aren't you?

Nathaniel DreadBane

er. Adam 148 16:06, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

Man tag1 - We don't accept resignations.
TALK - 02:47, December 29, 2009 (UTC)So... You really do care about her... In that case,the answer is no.lulwhups.png
Name: Shadow Mist

Gender: Male
Abilities: Telekinesis, Teleportation, Mobile Action, Shadow though (Can pass though anything)
Weapons :Gun Arrows, Cards
Quote: I am the shadow of your past life...
Appearence: Full black (Jeans, Armbands, Long sleeve top, Sunglasses, Shoes)

Name: Nexa, Gender: Female, Affiliation: Org. XIII. Rank:15, Origin: Ane ( pronounced An-ay), Story: Xemnas' secret member, kept hidden when Xemnas saw the inevitable truth of the future, only the origonal 6 plus Saix and Larxene knew about her. Kept safe under lock down. She is the key to bringning back the Org. Sacrafices her self for the will of the many. Good friends with Roxas. Looks: Average height, long purple hair (one of the only hair colours not seen yet, the other being green) tied back in a ponytail, matching violet eyes. Weapon: Ultimate Keyblade: Sanctum of the Heart. Quotes: "I have to do this, it's my destiny, if I don't do this I have nothing left, so please Roxas, surrender." "You're my friend Roxas, the only one I have left, but I won't hestitate to destroy you." "I'm sorry, I've failed you, I brought the worlds end to full power. Now let destruction rain down from the heavens and show no mercy." Nobody control: Sentinels: manta ray like nobodies with whip like tails and good defense, very tricky to defeat. Element: Sound

(Leviathan657 07:57, March 20, 2010 (UTC))

Disneyvillainman - Hades - A (card).png Wonderboy has dropped out of the Standings!
TALK - Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!
Other Emblem.png Name: Vane, the brother of Maleficent

Likes: Darkness, Magic, Maleficent, Disney Villains

Looks: Tall (about the same height as Maleficent), Black hair and a black goatee, pale skin, bright green eyes, wears a robe that looks like a blend of Maleficent's dress and the Organization XIII coats

Weapon: Violetta, Magic

Name: Kyle/Aros (my real name or my username, which is Sora's name spelled backwards, plus it sounds very "air" related)

Appearance: Boy, same age and height/weight as Sora, has long golden brown with a hint of red hair thats somewhat spikey but really mostly bangs, has blue eyes, a couple of freckles, wears an orange hooded zip-up jacket with a dark navy shirt underneath, baggy blue jeans/cargo pants with purple cargo pockets similar to Sora's and a black double-belt with chains on each side that are similar to Sora's original outfit, white sneakers (similar in design to Roxas' and Riku's) with blue straps connected by golden yellow buckles, and most importantly wears a necklace: a fish hook that is made out of some sort of bone material made in the shape of a backwards "J" tied to a piece of string (the necklace part).

Likes: Playing Kingdom Hearts, sword fighting, magic, abilities, pretty much all things Kinggom Hearts, friendship, being happy, being active, being lazy, and hopes to find his destiny in the World.

Weapon: Keyblade, Parting Clouds (original keyblade by me, is a fusion of the Kingdom Key and the Dark Keyblade/Keyblade of Peoples' Hearts, its design looks like a fusion from both, has the shape of his neclace as the key teeth shape/hole). It has the coloration of the Kingdom Key (although golden yellow starts to fade into orange) but its shape and design is similar to that of the Keyblade of Peoples' Hearts and the keychain is Sora's actual neclace!

Powers/Abilities: Most of Sora's abilities with quite a lot of original ones, basic abilities such as dodge roll, block, and scan, glide, arieal doge, high jump, quick run, etc.

Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Cure, Poison, Gravity, Zero-Gravity, Magnet, Reflect, Quake (earth spell), Water, Stop, Warp (tellaport enimies or self, movement based spell), Haste (speed spell), Slow (slow movement spell), Confuse (illusion based spell), Stun (stun enemies, moon based spell), Meateor (fire, gravity, and earth based spell), Comet (ice, zero-gravity, and lightning based spell), Bio (plant, poison, and water based spell), Ricochet (wind, magnet, and reflection based spell), Cosmos (time, movement, and moon based spell), Shrink (speed, slow movement, and illusion based spell), Light, Darkness, Sunset (twilight based spell), Sunrise (dawn based spell), Nightfall (darkness and twilight based spell), Daybreak (light and dawn based spell), Ultima, and just about every other spell there is.

Limit/Limit Break: Sun-Storm - A series of fast slashes similar to Sora's Limit, Trinity Limit-Solo, but more wild and wider ranged.

Final Limit: Eye of the Storm - The slashes are filled with streaks of light, finished by a mid-sized dark storm atack followed by a masive sun light blast (finished in a similar maner as the Trinity Limit in KH2).

Atribute: Ths Sun Behind The Clouds. Great power over light enough to mirror Sora's but clouded by negative emotions that give off a dark shadow. His outfit's color pattern is the coloration of the sky and sea durring sunset/sunrise (orange sky over a blue ocean). Symbol: His fish hook medallian (sometimes a cloud in that shape) infront of the Sun (the top 3 rays of the Sun are really Sora's crown meadallian).

Home World: Pacific Grove (Based off of the real Pacific Grove in Monterey Bay)

Original Home World: Burg of Nastalgia (Based off of the Caralsbad-Sandiago area, part of the same world as Pacific Grove).

Story: After moving away from his home in Burg of Nastolgia and best friend, Mathiais, Kyle(or Aros, still haven't decided) tries to make a new happy life in Pacific Grove and makes a few friends but feels plauged, sadened, and burdened by the life and friend he left behind. He is desperatly in love with a girl named Eugenia but feels unsure of himself, so he attempts to try and be her friend, but she doesn't really seem to acknowledge him. Sadened and depressed that he can't make any best friends or be with the one he loves Kyle/Aros wishes on a particular star (Destiny Islands, unkown to him) that he could go on an adventure like his hero, Sora, from Kingdom Hearts (which has been made into a video game on his world), so he could discover his destiny, tired of his seemingly depressing life on his home. One day durring a festival at the town, Kyle/Aros decides to directly ask to hang out with Eugenia directly, but he sees her having a good time with her best friend that she had been with almost her whole life. Brokenhearted, envious, and sad, Kyle/Aros runs off from his friends, nastolgicly longing for the days back in his past home and his destiny. At the same time, after a good chunk of Sora's new adventure (after the events of KH2), Sora's heart is shattered by the Keyblade of Peoples' Hearts and is put into a comotose state. His Kingdom Key dissappears from him as well as the Keyblade of Peoples' Hearts, leaving him as he sleeps in Burg of Nastolgia. Back at Pacific Grove, Kyle/Aros is confromted by Vanitas (reborn due to Sora's heart being shattered). Kyle/Aros has been doing a good job at keeping himslef spoiler free, not knowing any details about Birth by Sleep, let alone Vanitas' name. Vanitas talks to him, asking him about how he felt about what he just experienced, and tells him that things will probably be worse before they get better, leaving a confused Kyle/Aros. Later at night, Kyle/Aros dreams of having an Awakening, fights a giant Darkside-like Unversed, and connects with Sora's shattered heart (similar to how Sora fused with Ven's). He then wakes up and runs down to the beach to see the stars and is later accompanied by Eugenia and Mathias and is happy, but wakes up in bed only to realize its a dream. He gets out of bed and stares at the stars shouting at them asking if his dream could ever come true. Suddenly, due to the absence of the Keybearer of Light, the Heartless appear, creating a storm similar to the one that appaeared on Destiny Islands. Kyle/Aros runs off towords the town, which was where all of the Heartless were heading. He knew fully well that his toy sword wouldn't do much good on them, but he fights anyway. Eventually, he finds the world's Keyhole only to be attacked by Unversed that Vanitas had summoned, to test him. Suddenly, Kyle/Aros's Keyblade is created from the Kingdom Key and the Keyblade of Peoples' Hearts and appears in his hand. Confused and seeing images of the Kingdom Key and the Keyblade of Peoples' Hearts in his head as well as hearing the word "keyblade" in his mind over and over again. Slightly phased by this, he shakes it off and destroys the unversed infront of him, and runs into the center of the town with out noticing Vanitas. Suddenly the ground around him starts to break, the ground he's standing on being the only ground left. He then fights a Darkside Heartless and is then sucked into the void and into the corridor of darkness as his world was destroyed. He eventually wakes up in Traverse Town by Pluto and ... Well I've said a lot already. Sorry! -- AROS March 26, 2010, 08:47 PM.

name:jay ; gender:male ; likes: dark shades, kiari, to work with someone (most of the time) ; dislikes: heartles, nobodies ; theme: the beginning is the end is the beginning and signal fire ; weilds: oblivion ; age:19Khruler 23:15, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

If you guys wanted to you could go to the Kingdomheartsfanfiction wiki and do this. --Evnyofdeath 18:45, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

AROS - My friends are my power!
TALK - Okay, why not? I'll go with you guys." - 12:10
I just noticed, whether my character's name is Aros or Kyle, either name has symbolic meaning! I mean Aros is obivous (I'll give you a hint, it's not exactly an anogram), but Kyle is a bit more "sound" oriented. Think back to Xehanort's whole "X" explaination. There are three pronounciations of the Greek letter "X": "Key", "Chi", and "Kye". "Kye". "KYE"!!!!! That is like half of my character's name (not to mention my own), and I am a nut for the X-Blade, so this is the perfect symbolism for me, even though my character doesn't have a large connection to the X-Blade (for the time being). Granted, it is a little interpretive, but it's something. Maybe this is why there are at least one or two other people who are using the name Kyle.

Character 1: Name: Doxyc DOB: 1-17-94 (as Cody), 6-2-07 (physical separation from Cody) Gender: Male Residence: Unknown Designation: Villain Likes: Roxy, being the leader of the Dark 7, Rock Music Dislikes: the Nobody 7, Cody (his light side), Daniel Leonhart Powers: powers over darkness, use of the Ancient Language, some control over magic Chosen Weapon: Sword of Darkness Relationship: Roxy Mortal Enemy: Cody

Character 2: Name: Xydoc DOB: 1-17-94 (as Cody), 6-2-07 (physical separation from Cody) Gender: Male Residence: Unknown Designation: Villain Likes: Xaltory, helping the side of light, Rock Music Dislikes: the Dark 7, all things evil in general Powers: powers over Nothingness, use of the Ancient Language Chosen Weapon: Sword of Naught Relationship: Xaltory Mortal Enemy: Doxyc Both of these guys are awesome! --Jacobmirror 10:37, 11 March 2011 (EST)