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EX Burst[edit]

I personally think that Ventus's EX burst should be Last Word. C'mon, he finishes the final boss with it! Chitalian8

So true... But remember that I made the moveset several (7-8) months before I got BBS. And afterward, I put Last Word as one of the Vanitas Remnant's HP Attacks (I found it fitting, since this attack can only be used with Vanitas's D-Link.) Changed it into Dark Word and made the appropriate changes, and I put Last Word as Ventus's Ex (However, perhaps you could change the description - I don't really remember what this attack did...). Thanks ! And by the way, if you have to tell me something, contact me on my talkpage directly. And tell me each time you change something on the project. Emptiness, and yet Infinity 05:09, October 27, 2010 (UTC)