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  • Hello. This is my webpage for the KH Wiki.
  • I've been a huge KH fan for many years (Ever since KHII Era).
  • Played almost every game, huge Roxas fan.
  • Status: Playing KHIII mods (trying out this beautiful mod here).
  • Roxas93: Got all KHIII units (including the KH1 units) from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

I also read the KHIII manga and try to update stuff whenever there are more chapters coming depending on JP timezone and US timezone.

  • Favorite Game: KHIIFM, KHIIIRM (PC Ver), and KH 358/2 Days (played DS Ver)
  • Favorite songs: Lazy Afternoons, Sinister Showdown, Darkness of the Unknown, Another Side Another Story, Roxas, Vector to the Heavens, Forze ze Male, YX Battle Theme, Other Promise, L'Oscurita dell'Ignot.
  • Favorite Bosses: Roxas (Original + Data), Xemnas (KHII + KHIII), Axel (KHII), Data Xion
  • Bosses I've perfect-ran: Roxas (Original + Data), Data Saix (KHII), Data Xemnas (KHII), Axel (Original + Data), Data Marluxia (KHII), Data Luxord (KHII), Lingering Will (Kingdom Key), Terra-Xehanort (BBS), Vanitas (Ventus BBS), Data Xion (KHIIIRM), Data Vanitas (KHIIIRM), Yozora (Critical), TBA
  • KH merchandise I own: Roxas KHIII Bring Arts, KHII Manga (Volumes 1 & 4), KHD Manga (Volume 1), KHCOM Manga, Sora Medicom Figure (KH1), and the weird-looking Roxas figure from Diamond Select.
"She's part of the darkness now, she doesn't need the light!" - Best Kingdom Hearts live action movie