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FM's Findings

  • " = same as above
  • F = Floor (e.g. F1 = Floor 1)
  • BG = Bugged enemies
  • R = Rate


  • F1: 3 BG
  • F2: 16 BG
  • Enemies:Shadows
Tree house
  • F1: 5 BG; 4.0 R
  • F2; 5 BG; 6.0 R; Defeat 36/42 Heartless
  • F4; 7 BG; 7.0 R; Take damage no more than 7 times
  • Enemies: Shadows, Soldiers, Yellow Operas, Large Bodies, Blue Raphsodies, Eliminator (Chance only), Gold Tricholoma (Chance only).
Secret place
  • F1: 5 BG; 4.5 R; Exit the floor in 180 seconds or less
  • F2: 8 BG; 5.0 R; Use a Finish Command in under 60 seconds
  • F3: 2 BG; 6.0 R; Exit the floor in 100 seconds or less
  • F4: 30 BG; 6.0 R; Use a Finish Command in under 60 seconds
  • Enemies: Soldiers, Shadows


Second District Plaza
  • Enemies: Core Blox
First District Accessory Shop
  • Enemies: Shadows, Soldiers
First District World Exit
  • Enemies: Shadows, Soldiers, Large Bodies
Second District Hotel
  • Enemies: Shadows, Soldiers
Third District
  • Enemies: Shadows, Soldiers, Large Bodies
  • Enemies: Soldiers, Shadows, Large Bodies, Fat Bandits, Bandits, Air Soldiers, Blue Rhapsodies, Angel Stars, Yellow Operas, Metal Bugs, Wyverns, Invisibles, Eliminator (Chance)


Bizarre Room
  • Enemies: Shadows, Large Bodies, Soldiers
Hedge Maze
  • Enemies: Large Bodies, Core Blox
Aimless Path
  • F1: Defeat 22/17 Heartless
  • Enemies: Red Nocturnes, Soldiers, Large Bodies, Shadows, Blue Rhapsodies, Yellow Operas
Lotus Forest
  • Enemies: Red Nocturnes, Soldiers, Large Bodies, Blue Rhapsodies, Eliminators (Chance)


  • Enemies: Shadows, Soldiers, Fat Bandits, Black Fungi, Air Soldiers, Blue Rhapsodies, Invisibles, Wizards


Cave / Entrance
  • Enemies: Bandits
Cave / Hall of Beginnings
  • Enemies: Shadows, Bandits, Blox Bugs, Fat Bandits, Red Nocturne, Air Soldier, Yellow Opera, Eliminator (occurred three out of three times), Gold Tricholoma (chance)
Cave / Gauntlet First Pit
  • Enemies: Air soldiers, bandits, gold tricholoma 100%
Palace Gates
  • Enemies: Bandits, Soldiers, Air soldier, Fat Bandits, Yellow Opera, Bandit, Gold Tricholoma (chance) Eliminator (chance),
  • F2: Virus
Cave / Gauntlet
  • F1, 4, 5: Virus (Random)
  • Enemies: Defender, shadow, soldier, wyvern, red nocturne, blue rhapsodies, bandits, angel star, darkballs, metal bugs, air soldier, invisible, Eliminator (chance), Gold Tricholoma (chance)>


  • F2: 1 Core Blox; 1 BG
  • F3: " "
  • F2: " "
  • F3: 3 Core Blox; 3 BG

MEX's findings

  • Feedback, 07 June 2013: I haven't updated my pictures soon, but I had time to make two more SS this week, the two of Destiny Islands. It appear that the last Terminal of every SS is colored red instead of blue (I mean the icon in the map), meaning it's a terminal to exit the SS. I'm searching if the Eliminator appearance is related in anyway to this last Terminal. I also discovered that, apparently, every SS exchange rate of SP to EXP/Munny is always 10%, as well as the Normal Rewards, which price seems to always duplicate. Although, I still have to confirm this. I will be only totally sure after I have cleared and done again every SS. The good news is that my mother let me use the remaining money of my course to buy a 3DS. So, I will be able to add KH3D info too until the end of this year.

EDIT:Uh... I have bad news... I can't upload the screenshots now, but seeing them, challenges can also change. In Destiny Islands (Tree House) Scan LV2 SS, the challenge in the infobox is "Defeat 42 Heartless!". In my two tries, I got defeat 43 and 45 Heartless, respectively. ALthough, it can be noticed that the challenges at least are similar. The only thing that changed was the number of Heartless. Maybe there is a minimum and a maximum number we could get in that challenge, I really don't know. Gosh, everything is getting more and more complicated!!!

Destiny Islands

Scan Lv2, Recommended Lv20

Maps and Screenshots here

Secret Place

Maps and Screenshots here

  • Notes: Floor 4 enemies are only Soldiers



Agrabah:Cave/Hall of Beginnings


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