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Sora Space Paranoids Artwork.png
Name soraxroxas
A.K.A Sora (in final form)
Hometown Traverse town
Date of Birth 1/4/1995
Age 17
Height 1.70
IQ knows whats PHP and mySQL
Weapon Keyblade
Spells (Dont have yet)
Summons (Dont have yet)
Limits No limits :P


UserTRoxas.png This user loves Roxas's Character Theme.
UserTSora.png This user loves Sora's Character Theme.
UserBGMSinisterSundown.png This user loves the song Sinister Sundown.
UserBGMScaredMoon.png This user loves the song Sacred Moon.
UseriSora2.png iLove iSora.
UseriRoxas.png iLove iRoxas.
UseriValor.png iLove iValorForm.