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Basic Info

I am a very big fan of Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon, but the Pokemon part is fading. I also liked the Organization XIII since I found out about them.

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My Kingdom Hearts History

It all starts with Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I went to some gathering and some kids had a DS. They let me play it for a bit. Funny thing is that I beat Axel (I didn't know his name at the time) and I've never played the game before. They also mentioned that they had trouble with that boss battle.

Then, one day my dad and my little brother rented Kingdom Hearts II. We knew about Sora at this time and about Kingdom Hearts but I hadn't played it before. Since in the prologue you play as Roxas (I didn't know he was Sora's nobody), I thought you played as someone else. We never made it past the prologue.

Some time later at the same place I rented KHII, my dad bought us Kingdom Hearts. After this, me and my brother tried to keep up with KH info. We beat KH after a while and got to know about Kingdom Hearts in full. I didn't get to play KHII again until I got it for my b-day 2 years ago. I've been trying to get a PSP since they announced BbS and still want one. Good thing that there are nice people who make walkthrough.


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