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I'm just a fellow gamer who's crazy about kingdom hearts, and takes her gaming to the next 'level'! R.L.Snape~

Okay, just to make this aware so people aren't like 'wha??'. I usually am using my 3DS to access this site, and therefore, does not provide java, flash , etc,. So if you talk to me and i dont respond, it's cuz the respond button isnt there due to my 3ds formatting.

About Me

I'm a serious gamer. I play everything from handhelds, to pcs, to tv gaming stations. The games i play are from Horror, to adventure, to puzzles, to mini games. i play them all!

Occupation: I'm a teacher. not at a school, but a private teacher. I dont teach a specific subject, but if i'm given the materials to teach, i can teach it.

Current favorite game/Game series: Kingdom Hearts saga.

Newest Gaming Franchise: The Slender Man saga (pc horror game )

Favorite Color: black

Favorite Animal: Cat

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Animal That Represents Me: Red Fox

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Though i was torn between 358/2 and Birth By Sleep

Favorite Character: Saïx, Number 7

Favorite Quote From 358/2: 'I'll go. I know C.O. better than anyone else wearing this outfit.' ~Axel to Saix

Beginning My Kingdom Hearts Journey

I had been a video game player all my life. My first gaming system was a Nintendo64 back in 2005, i was about10. Back then, I played games like DocterMario™ and Sonic™ And LooneyToons Adventures™ (which I hated) and MarioQuest or something like that. My oldest brother always was playing videogames in his room. I never could understand the games. Usually pc games but occasionally, Gameboy Advance games. A bunch of LegendofZelda™ and Pokémon™ games. At that time, i didn't have my own hand held systems. I always borrowed my brother's, and of course, his games. Finally, maybe a year later, i got a game boy advanced and all its little accesories and cords, case, etc., and because i always played Zelda and Golden sun, and whatever, i wanted adventure games. You would think that because the only Kingdom Hearts game for the Gameboy Advance system is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, that was my first game. Well, no. My first game, which is irrelevant, was Pokemon Sapphire (told you its irrelevant). In 2008, I got my first Kingdom Hearts game. I walked into a GameStop sometime in May, 2009, searching for a new game to play. This, of course, was after i bought a Nintendo DS Hand-held. I looked at the games on the shelves for the DS, and noticed a weird looking game. (i thought it was weird cus it had mickey dressed like a grimreaper on it) Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. I decided to get the game to see why on earth Mickey was in it. and i'll tell ya, that game had changed my life. (almost to the point where if someone woulda seen my average day back then, theyd think me possessed >.>) Thats how my journey started, but the story has yet to unfold.

Talk bubbles

Raxime.L.S. - All we ever wanted was a heart...
TALK - "...because ours was taken from us."
My normal chat bubble and or my 'i'm serious' bubble.
TALK - "The fact that we aren't supposed to exist is just another reason for people to want to eliminate us..." Raxime.L.S. (talk) 19:44, 31 December 2012 (UTC)
My chat bubble for when i'm sad, lonely, or... Antisocial... for when i DO say something when i'm like that.
Raxime.L.S. - True friends are people you care about and spend time with you, and enjoy that time spent.
TALK - "not people who are just 'hanging around' with you..." Raxime.L.S. (talk) 20:40, 31 December 2012 (UTC)
Any Axel bubbles i use are with friends. this one means i'm in a fairly good mood.
Raxime.L.S. - I stick forks in electric sockets :D
TALK - What? Don't judge me...
Larxene bubbles are also used around friends, but i only use them when i'm in a deviant mood... that- or, a short-tempered/ill-tempered/iWannaGetOnYourNerves mood.


My current friends on this site are:

  • Roxx the cat

... and thats pretty much it... lol...


I have a lot of hobbies, but they're all similar in a way. My first hobbie, which i've already mention, is Gaming. My other hobbies are in numerical order:

  • Cosplayer
  • Costume Designer
  • Animatist
  • Writer/Novelist
  • Actress
  • Singer
  • Voice Actress (nothing major, so don't be like "OMG!!! So Cool! What are you in?!")


I am a very good problem solver. I'm good at finding the best solution for the best possible outcome. My skill is Reason. I'm also very observant, and not just. Not only am i observant, i recognize when two 'pieces' don't fit together. So, i find it fair to say my skill is Detectivity. My top skill, which i have mentioned several places in the Organization XIII quiz below, is Manipulation. Manipulation can't be successful without charisma, acting, slyness, and quick-thinking. So in this case, my skills are:

  • Charisma
  • Acting
  • Slyness
  • Instinctive Response


  • Agility

Personal (Kingdom Hearts related) Accomplishments

  • Bought an exact replica Organization XIII Cloak.
  • Obtained 3 kh posters and poster frames and hung them in le room.
  • Forged a legit keyblade. (out of wood and leather straps)
  • Completed KingdomHearts: Birth By Sleep on normal mode within 2 months. (which really is an accomplishment for me, cuz sometimes, i stall so i wont have to play parts of the game cuz its hard...)

Though i can't think of the rest right now... I'll be sure to update this.

To Do List

  • Finish Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days (√)
  • Complete every Mission in 358/2 days perfectly on Hard mode.
  • Finish Kingdom Hearts: Re coded
  • Earn special cutscene at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
  • Unlock Mickey as a playable character in 358/2 Days

Which Organization Member Am I Most Like Quiz

I. Xemnas
(X) You are the leader most of the time. I'm the one who comes up with the plans, but everyones to dang stubborn to listen...

(√) You like black. It's the only color i like... or wear...

(√) You wished/wish you were someone else. all the time...

(√) You don't listen to others. not nessesarily true, but i can't disagree

(√) You like doing research. Omg, Definite YES.

Total: 4

II. Xigbar
(X) You have bad eyesight. um... no...

(X) You like throwing things at others when you get angry. definitely not...

(√) You wish you were able to teleport. Heck yes! who doesnt?!

(√) You wear your hair in a ponytail. ehh... yea...maybe 72% of the time...

(√) You have/wish you had a gun. i have several.

Total: 3

III. Xaldin
(√) You like windy days. Yes, when i'm inside.

(√) You have tried to steal something precious from someone. yes, but not because it was precious to them... its cuz i wanted it...

(X) You like dragons. Xaldin likes dragons?

(X) You like/have dreadlocks. ...ew...

(√) You've tried to anger someone on purpose. Yep. I'm kinda a manipulatist in that sense...

Total: 3

IV. Vexen
(√) You are disrespected by the young ones. Heh. Not just the young ones...

(√) Someone has already considered you a traitor. sadly... yes...

(X) You are the oldest of your group. definitely not...

(√) You like experiments. Every day.

(X) You like cold days. A thousand times no!

Total: 3

V. Lexaeus
(√) You are not very talkative. i'm not exactly a social butterfly...

(√) You like braingames. The correct answer to this question is 'no, i dont like braingames' because i LOVE them!

(X) People are afraid of you because of your appearance. no... Not at all.

(X) You prefer heavy weapons rather than lighter weapons. Negative... i like to be able to attack as easy as i can move, cuz i has some crappy stamina...

(√) You are very strong. Physically strong. Again, only for a short amount of time... cuz of my forsaken stamina...

Total: 3

VI. Zexion
(√) You love reading. LOVE love reading... when i'm not to lazy to take my time...

(√) You are not very socialable. like i said... i'm not exactly a social butterfly...

(X) You are the shortest of your group. since when is Zexion shorter than Roxas?!

(√) You have a very sensible nose. yes... its true... i'm like a fox...

(√) You like to elude others. mhmm. very much so.

Total: 4

VII Saïx
(√) You have double-personality issues. Yes... I do... Don't judge...

(√) You are mostly active during night, rather than day. i'm nocturnal

(X) You like werewolves. no... i'm a cat person...

(√) Your superior trusts you. That he does, that he does.

(X) You have a scar on your face.

Total: 3

VIII. Axel
(√) You are somewhat of a pyromanic. too many candles in mah room

(√) You care deeply for your best friends. Yes. I do.

(√) You are two-faced when you need to be. once again- manipulatist.

(√) You don't like when people don't remember your name. i hate how people assume that the 'e' on Raximè is silent...

(X) You have a very fiery personality. not really, no...

Total: 4

IX. Demyx
(√) You like music. Yea, i'm a singer

(X) You know how to play a guitar. no... i used to know how to play a violin though.

(√) You like rainy days. yes, but i have to be inside, and it has to be downpouring outside

(X) You like swimming. I hate swimming...

(X) You are usually a very happy person. im not going to go too deep into why...

Total: 2

X. Luxord
(√) You like playing cards. preferable poker or slamwhich.

(√) You like to gamble. cuz i dont lose at poker or slamwhich

(X) Your favorite color is gold. Black.

(X) You have stolen money/munny from others. money is one thing i dont steal... i 'find' it...

(X) You have/wish/wished you could curse someone. no... 'be careful what you wish for' ...

Total: 2

XI. Marluxia
(X) You like pink. NO.

(X) You like flowers. I don't love them, but i dont hate them...

(X) You are plotting to overthrow your superior. never!

(√) You were betrayed by someone. countless times...

(X) You are a bit of a flamboyant person. comment...

Total: 1

XII Larxene
(√) You are the only female in your group. and its exhausting...

(√) You like storms. big time, especially nighttime storms.

(√) You're pretty agile. Very

(√) You like to mock others. All a part of the proccess of manipulation.

(√) You think ninjas are cool. ninjas are awesome

Total: 5

XIII Roxas
(X) You love icecream. i prefer warm food

(X) You are the youngest of your group. Almost Never the case.

(√) You think people are hiding something from you. i KNOW people are hiding something from me.

(√) You usually have strange dreams involving people you've never met. My subconscious creates background characters sometimes.

(X) You prefer afternoons better than nights and mornings. I prefer the night

Total: 2

XIV Xion
(X) You like to collect seashells. i dont go near water

(√) You often question your existence. obsessively

(√) You would die for your friends. For my true friends, yes.

(√) You are often forgotten about. too true...

(X) You are the youngest female in your group. not true.

Total: 3

I am most like: ...Larxene!

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