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Username MysteriousWonderer
A.K.A MW or Mystery
Hometown St.Louis
Date of Birth January 12
Age ?????
Height 5 ft 2 in

Hi, I’m MysteriousWonderer!

About me

I have been Kingdom Hearts fan since I was 8 when I saw one of the games at the library and took it home to play!

I am a guy that loves to dance and sing my favorite artist is Amalee, as well as draw and read and like to think of myself as well rounded in my home and school life. Right now I am really into SAO and PMMM, I’m trying to watching every single episode!

If you need to reach me send me a message on my talk page!

And it’s a fact people humanity hates me! Yay for my life! Please trade with me.


I am a happy go lucky kind of person who looks for the good in everyone and everything! Although I may seem super oblivious or innocent but I’m not. I try to sow the seeds of cheer and happiness by sending other users messages to brighten their day!


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