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Hi. This is the intro to my first walkthrough, for Kingdom Hearts II. I can't guarantee it'll be the best walkthrough, but it'll be a functional one, and I plan to cover every aspect of Kingdom Hearts II, excluding the optional Gummi Routes. However, I am Australian, and therefore, I do not have Final Mix. This is a walkthrough for the original Kingdom Hearts II. Sorry for all you hoity-toity Final Mix owners. I do this my way.

WARNING: I may use offensive language and/or make jokes about the game. I will try not to, but everybody has different ideas of what "offensive" is. I'm not knocking the game, I love the game. I'm poking fun.

General tips and tricks

This section is just if you want some general tips and tricks on how to be better at KHII.
1: Magic is your friend. People complain about how tough Berserkers are, but they're easy if you use magic. Particularly Magnet and Reflect. Got that? Magnet and Reflect.
2: Are you using reaction commands? You know, those bright green triangles that flash up on screen? I can only think of one fight where you do not want to press triangle the minute that comes up, and that's against Xemnas.
3: I know I already mentioned magic, but: Reflect is god. Worship it. Seriously.
4: Items. Are you using your items constructively? It's often smarter in a boss fight to use a potion instead of Cure.
5: A drive form will fully heal both HP and MP. Basically, think of Drive Forms as a "get-out-of-trouble-free" card. Then, while in Drive, do as much damage as you can before you drop out.
6: Limits. A well-used limit is a great boon, it will allow you to do a lot of damage in a short time. Some people recommend using them for avoiding attacks, too, but I use Reflect, as Reflect is god. Noticing a pattern here?
7: Party members. In most worlds, you get a party member. Until you hit the end-game, and go item-hunting, I recommend using them, as they are almost always useful.
8: This guide. While everything I write is a viable strategy, it is by no means the ONLY strategy. Don't be afraid to deviate from this guide to find something that works better for you. If you find another strategy that works, please tell me, and if it's good enough, I'll add it.
I will add more as I think of them.

Boss Difficulty Key

I will be using symbols to represent boss difficulty. I will be using the Keyblade Master symbol for Complete Beings, the Nobody symbol for Nobodies, and the Heartless symbol for Heartless. One symbol means its nearly or completely impossible to lose, two means that it's the kind of thing that you need to at least look at the screen for, three means that it's an average boss, one you need to pay attention to, but isn't all that difficult, four is slightly harder then that, keep on your toes or you may die, and five is controller-snappingly frustrating.

Getting Started

I'm going to assume you know how to use a PS2. When you get to the title screen, select new game, and let the adventure begin...

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