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To use this template, paste the following code into your user page:

{{User Saix Q}} (Random)
{{User Saix Q|1}}
{{User Saix Q|2}}

{{User Saix Q|3}}
Alwayshonest_zps4d27daf6.png Do you mean just like you are always honest with me?

{{User Saix Q|4}}
HowIvewaited_zps310817bd.png How I've waited to hear that.

{{User Saix Q|5}}

{{User Saix Q|6}}
Tooattached_zpsf6fb3361.png You're letting yourself get too attached to them.

{{User Saix Q|7}}
Doesntneedyou_zps24c36756.png She doesn't need you anymore.

{{User Saix Q|8}}
The%20past%20mean%20nothing_zpshgqpup54.png Does the past mean nothing to you?

{{User Saix Q|9}}
What%20it%20was%20like_zpsfgkedyeu.png But we remember what it was like. That's what makes us special.

{{User Saix Q|10}}
Keep%20out%20of%20this_zpsxmfq1zi1.png I told you. Keep out of this.

{{User Saix Q|11}}
Questioning%20it_zpskvhuziqq.png I never expected you to question it.

{{User Saix Q|12}}
How%20Ive%20waited%20to%20hear%20that_zpsgyshz5ea.png How I've waited to hear that.

{{User Saix Q|13}}
Maximum%20punishment_zps32ht7xsl.png We'll ensure he receives the maximum punishment.

{{User Saix Q|14}}
Upper%20hand_zpshzr5ill5.png Once we obtain those clues, we'll have the upper hand for our own objectives.

{{User Saix Q|15}}

{{User Saix Q|16}}
Why%20Xigbar_zpsvs6alq19.png Why, Xigbar... It almost sounds as though you know.