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Old version[edit]

'''Statistics''', or  '''Stats''', are the different parameters used in the ''[[Kingdom Hearts (series)|Kingdom Hearts]]'' series to show a character's strengths.

==Types of stats==
*'''[[Hit Points]]''' — Hit Points, commonly referred to as HP, represent the health of a character. When the amount of Hit Points reaches zero, the character is incapacitated. While Party Members will revive after a period of time after this, the main character (usually [[Sora]]) will be dealt a Game Over if it hits Zero. (This changes in certain battles of ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]'' when Sora is sent to Zero HP, King Mickey will come to rescue him.  Ex: The battle with [[Xaldin]]) In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', this stat has a maximum value of 120. In ''[[Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+|Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix]]'', playing in Critical Mode halves HP increments received while leveling up, reducing the maximum value to 60.

*'''[[MP]]''' — Magic Points, or MP, are used in the casting of spells and other abilities. MP was used for Summons in ''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]'', but the '''Drive Bar''' replaced it in its use for summoning in ''Kingdom Hearts II''. All magic-related abilities and magic sharing abilities as well as limits require MP.  When MP runs out In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', it recharges, which also fills the Drive Bar. In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', this stat has a maximum value of 140.

*'''Attack''' — Attack is the strength of a character. In ''Kingdom Hearts II'' this stat has a maximum value of 165. 
*'''Defense''' — Defense is the ability to evade or sustain damage. In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', this stat has a maximum value of 165.
*'''Magic''' — Magic functions the same as Intelligence does in other RPG games. It boosts ability and magical strength. In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', this stat has a maximum value of 165.
*'''[[AP|Ability Points]]''' — AP is used to equip abilities to characters.

===Main character exclusive stats===<!--Rename section into something more appropriate-->
*'''Drive Bar''' — Introduced in ''Kingdom Hearts II'', the Drive Bar is used by Sora to use Limits, Drive Forms, and also functions for some other abilities used by Sora. The maximum value of the drive bar is 7 in ''Kingdom Hearts II'', but is extended to 9 in ''[[Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+|Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix]]''.

*'''CP''' — CP is a stat that is only used by Sora. It affects the maximum total value of cards that can be added into his deck. This is only used in ''[[Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories]]'' . This is replaced by attack power for [[Riku]]'s story.

*'''Dark Power''' — Also known as DP, Dark Power is only used during Riku's story in ''Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories''. It affects Riku's change into Dark Form given to him by [[Ansem, Seeker of Darkness]].
[[Category:Game elements]]

Japanese names[edit]

  • Level (LV): レベル
  • Strength (STR): 攻撃力
  • Magic: 魔法力
  • Defense (DEF): 防御力
  • Experience (EXP): 経験値
  • Current HP/Maximum HP: 現在のHP/最大HP
  • Current MP/Maximum MP: 現在のMP/最大MP
  • Current HP/Maximum AP: 現在のAP/最大AP
  • ____ Resistance: ____耐性
  • Luck: ラーク

Content from removed pages[edit]


==Increasing Max Hit Points==
In each game, the way in which one can increase Sora's max HP differs. In ''Kingdom Hearts'', additional HP was automatically added upon a level up. In ''Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories'', increasing max HP was an option upon level up, along with increasing the deck size and learning a new [[Sleight]] when playing as Sora, and increase Attack Points and Dark Points when playing as [[Riku]]. In ''Kingdom Hearts II'' and ''Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep'', max HP is increased as a reward for completing certain tasks, usually defeating a Boss. The Maximum Hit Points in ''Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories'' is 560.

In ''Kingdom Hearts'' and, the overall number of Hit Points obtained throughout the game depends on what weapon the players chooses at the start. The most Hit Points can be obtained if the player chooses the [[Dream Shield]], this enables Sora to reach a maximum number of 111 HP by the end of the game. Likewise each of the three Dream Weapons, correspond with either [[Strength]], [[Magic]], [[Defense]] or HP.

In ''Kingdom Hearts II'', the maximum number of Hit Points for Sora is 120 regardless of what weapon the player chooses at the start of the game.

In ''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days'' Story Mode, Roxas begins with 62 max HP and each of his levels increases the max HP by 3.
In Mission Mode, the max HP differs around characters. [[Lexaeus]] has the highest max HP status and [[Zexion]] and [[Donald Duck|Donald]] both have the lowest. Max HP can only be increased by leveling up or installing a ring panel that increases max HP.

* In each game, the numbering system for HP differs: the actual numerical values relate to the HP bar in the HUD on-screen. ''Kingdom Hearts Final Mix,'' ''Kingdom Hearts II'', and ''Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix'' versions are the only exceptions because they all share the same numbering system.


You start off the game with 50 AP. If you use all of your AP, you can use a [[potion]] to fill your AP back up by 10 AP per potion. If you use a [[Mega-Potion]], your AP will fill to the max amount. If you [[level up]], your AP will fill to the Max amount as well.

Names used in full[edit]

  • HP/Hit Points - KH DttH (English only)
    • HP/Health in KHRe:C tutorial.
  • MP/Magic Points - KH DttH (English only)
  • AP - (?)
  • EXP = Experience - KHRe:C tutorial


  • CP/command points - BBS tutorials


Bonus Level[edit]

What are they and how do they work? TheFifteenthMember 14:06, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

I made this some time ago. TheSilentHero 14:57, 29 July 2015 (UTC)
That looks really useful. We definitely need more coverage on Bonus Levels on the wiki. Do we have any KH1 info? TheFifteenthMember 19:53, 29 July 2015 (UTC)
The Bonus Levels are only in KHII, BBS and DDD. TheSilentHero 20:08, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

How are item and equipment slots earned in KH1 then? Normal levels? TheFifteenthMember 20:19, 29 July 2015 (UTC)