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FA icon.png BebopKate, Kryten : Is it Fantasia or Fantasista ? I know the kana reads "Fantasista" but I'd go with the former. It sounds more logical for Donald...

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Keyblade-Blk.png I agree. "Fantasista" definitely doesn't sound correct.

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FA icon.png Reminds me of those anomalies in different versions of Kingdom Hearts. In Re:Chain (English), there’s a typo in one of the messages, in KHII (English), Chien Po’s name was spelt wrongly, in KHII (French) there was another anomaly in the Santa Claus part, and now we have this for KHFM !

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If you do a search with those katakana, you will see that there are dozens of translated instances of the name - Fantasista is the correct romanization. For example, the japanese wikipedia gives seven instances of the name, and the three of which that are translated are translated as "Fantasista"

There is nothing in the weapon that specifically references the movie, which is spelled ファンタジア [1].

As demonstrated, Fantasista is a common name in Japanese materials, and its unlikely that they would confuse something they have a different spelling for for something they also have a certain spelling for.

The killing stroke? Look at Takeharu_Ishimoto, whose first work was on "World Fantasista". Look at his list of works.

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FA icon.png Hmm.......... BebopKate ?

(Meanwhile, if that anomaly is resolved, we have to resolve the rest.)

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I think, based especially on the Ishimoto connection, KrytenKoro is right. So, Fantasista it shall be, even if it makes me sound like I have a lisp again when I try and pronounce it out loud... ^_^

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