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Tail Groove

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Tail Groove (リズミックテイル Rizumikku Teiru?, lit. "Rhythmic Tail") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to dance with their Spirit, dealing damage as they release musical energy with each pose.


Tail Groove is a Link Attack that uses A, B, Y and X to attack. When starting the Link Attack, four circles appear in the sides of the top screen. Button markers appear in the center and move to one of the circles on the side, which match the button's placement on the 3DS. When the correct button is pressed when the marker overlaps with the circle, the user and Spirit unleash sound waves, which deal Neutral damage. After five successful attacks, two markers appear, which have to be pressed at the same time, and cause the attack to deal more damage. Each successful attack costs 12.5% of the Link Gauge, while failing to press the right button on time takes 30% off from the Link Gauge.

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