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Ohana Beat

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Ohana Beat
(オハナビート Ohana Bīto?)
Ohana Beat (Ventus) KHBBS.png
Series of sound waves that spread outwards.
Attack No. of Hits Power
Ohana Beat 1 3.3
Element Status Level
Attack Command Neutral Stun (100%/7s)[1] Enhanced

Ohana Beat is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It allows the user to play the Keyblade like a ukulele to create soundwaves around themselves.


Ohana Beat is a Finish command. Upon activation, a part of a ukulele's fretboard appears on the screen. Square, X, Circle and Triangle icons run across the guitar strings from the right and there is a vertical green line on the far left of the display. Pressing the appropriate button when its icon meets the green line causes the user to play a note, damaging nearby enemies, increasing the tempo of the music, and adding more soundwaves around the player. After 4 successful button presses, 2 prompts will appear at the same time. After 5 successful button presses, the sound waves can stun enemies. Incorrect button presses causes the user to flinch, reducing the tempo and the amount of soundwaves. The attack ends after eight prompts.

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ After 5 successful prompts in a row.