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Summoning Star

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Summoning Star
Summoning Star images
"Set to summon King Mickey to a Field Battle to help with healing, Rhythm Point bonuses, and more."
Japanese キングスコール
Rōmaji Kingusu Kōru

Translation King's Call

The Summoning Star is an item that appears in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. It allows the user to summon King Mickey to assist the current party in a Field Battle.


Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]



  • Summoning Star: Clear Melody of Fate in World Tour; obtain 400 Rhythm Points, obtain 17400 Rhythm Points, obtain 21000 Rhythm Points, obtain 24600 Rhythm Points, obtain 28200 Rhythm Points, obtain 31800 Rhythm Points, obtain 35400 Rhythm Points, obtain 39000 Rhythm Points, every 50000 additional Rhythm Points beyond 39000 up to 183900, obtain 190700 Rhythm Points, every 7000 additional Rhythm Points beyond 190700 up to 9997700, obtain 9999999 Rhythm Points (x99)


Summoning Star images Summoning Star
EXP 11875 Ingredients The Blazing Shard material spriteBlazing Shard x7
The Frost Shard material sprite Frost Shard x7
The Lightning Shard material sprite Lightning Shard x7
EXP Bonus 17813