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This page contains a list of quotes spoken by Wasabi during the course of Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Yeah, who needs quality reporting when you can just make stuff up?"
    when Big Hero 6 nurses their wounds at Hiro's garage.
  • "Well, why don't we ask the guys... who actually stopped 'em?"
    suggesting that Big Hero 6 consult Sora and company.
  • "How're ya doin'?"
    when Hiro introduces him.
  • "Would you calm down, Fred? This is serious."
    talking to Fred.
  • "Great, buuut... don't we need a plan?"
    when Hiro offers to help Keyblade Hero 3.
  • "Not yet, Fred. He's still learning."
    telling Fred to let Sora learn how to use the AR device.
  • "Hey, wait. My laser hands... can be projectiles!"
    inspired by Sora's Double Arrowguns.
  • "Hey! I can't aim if I can't see!"
    when Honey's chemical compound hides the Heartless from his view.
  • "Much better."
    after Honey solidifies her formula.
  • "Ugh! Can't we pick on one our own size?"
    before battling a Metal Troll.
  • "Oh, we got this."
    when the Darkubes appear.
  • "Now he tells us. Let's just say it's a handful."
    fighting the Darkubes.
  • "Wait, did you just say "Darkubes"?"
    when Fred names the Darkubes.
  • "Hiro, figure out a way for us to beat this thing!"
    fighting the Darkubes.
  • "Sora! Am I glad to see you! I am not a big fan of heights. Hey, you think it dragged me up here 'cause it's scared of being attacked from above?"
    when Sora comes to free him from the Darkubes.
  • "Finally! Thanks for the save, Sora. I'll see if anyone else needs help."
    when Sora frees him the Darkubes.
  • "I don't think we wanna find out."
    confronting the Darkubes.
  • "Okay, but how'd he get Hiro's chip?"
    talking about Dark Riku.
  • "Yeah, now it's gotta face all of us."
    facing the Darkubes again.
  • "So... did we stop him?"
    upon Dark Baymax's defeat.