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This page contains a list of quotes said by the Master of Masters during the course of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • "I was a young boy when—"
    to Luxu who just walked in.
  • "What? Even I was a kid once."
    to Luxu.
  • "Anyway, I was a young boy when the Keyblade War began."
    to Luxu.
  • "Who do you think? Light and darkness."
    to Luxu.
  • "Hmm... There were, but they don't really count."
    to Luxu about Keyblade wielders of light besides him.
  • "Okay, no more questions until I finish my story."
    to Luxu.
  • "To answer your question, if I had to call them something, "monsters" would be pretty accurate. But they looked like us."
    to Luxu about darkness in the Keyblade War.
  • "I didn't say that. Anyway, the Keyblade War dates back to when darkness took that form...and it's still waging as we speak."
    denying that the "monsters" were human.
  • "Yes, the battle with darkness never stopped. The Keyblade War isn't about to begin. In fact, it might finally come to an end."
    to Luxu.
  • "Darkness is constantly changing shape. It can even hide among humans. That's the reason the war was never able to end. The coming battle will end the world. Everything will be destroyed. The wielders sent outside will gather light from the now scattered worlds...and with that light, the world will be rebuilt."
    to Luxu.
  • "That's right. You can't erase what lives on in the hearts of children—worlds and their stories, and most of all, light. Of course, you can't erase the darkness, either. But you can call a truce. I could go for a nice, long break right about now! Maybe I'll kick back for a while."
    to Luxu.
  • "Why not? That's why I'm having Ava round up the best of the best. They'll start at χ, become unchained, and fulfill their duty through Union Cross. Those wielders will be the cornerstones of the new world."
    to Luxu.
  • "Well... Maybe not all of them."
    about the fate of the Dandelions.

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

  • "So that makes you the indisposable number seven."
    speaking to Luxu.
  • "Come on! It's simple. You six plus me is seven. Wait. Don't tell me I don't count!"
    when Luxu appears confused.
  • "Here, take it."
    summoning the No Name Keyblade to give to Luxu.
  • "That's not what it's called."
    when Luxu asks if the name of the Keyblade is the "Gazing Eye".
  • "Hm. Actually, no name."
    saying that the Keyblade has no name.
  • "Well, "gazing" or not, that Keyblade does have an eye in it. My eye, to be exact."
    telling Luxu that the No Name has his eye in it.
  • "Oh, you think that's "gross," do ya?"
    when Luxu shows disgust.
  • "Yeah, sure. Anyway, about your role. You need to pass down that Keyblade to your apprentice, and them him to his, so that my eye can see the future."
    explaining Luxu's role.
  • "Bingo! The fact that it exists is proof of your success! That means you've trained a worthy apprentice, passed down that handsome Keyblade, and fulfilled your role! Congratulations! What's the matter? Come on, you did a fantastic job! At least smile a little!"
    explaining Luxu's future success in his role so that the Book of Prophecies can exist.
  • "Good point. Guess you better get started then! Unfortunately, you'll have to go alone from here on out. No Book of Prophecies to keep you company, either. I can't have you causing any temporal paradoxes. But, hey, we both know you'll do just fine without it, right?"
    preparing to send off Luxu.
  • "Minor details, so don't sweat it. For now, you, that Keyblade, and...this box need to stay out of sight. Just watch with your own eyes—and my eye, of course—as things unfold between the others. Then when the time is right, go off and do your thing."
    further explaining Luxu's role.
  • "It's a secret. And, well, you see...the thing is...you can never, ever open it."
    when Luxu asks about the contents of the box.
  • "Ah, all right. I'll indulge you. But this secret stays between the two of us, and you have to promise never to open the box."
    asking Luxu to promise.
  • "You'll see."
    when Luxu asks why on the contents of the box.
  • "Well, things are gonna get pretty hectic around here soon. But this Spirit Chirithy is gonna make your lives much easier! Hopefully."
    to his apprentices upon creating the Spirit Chirithy.
  • "You could say they're like cats or dogs. And they'll be your loyal pets. Every wielder will have one of these adorable little guys at their side. They're here to help, so play nice!"
    when Gula asks about Spirit.
  • "Oh, right, before I forget... If a wielder is overcome by malice—or rather, if their heart is tainted by darkness—their adorable little Spirit will turn dark and become a Nightmare."
    telling his apprentices about Nightmares.
  • "Exactly. And if you don't stop this renegade Spirit, it'll plant darkness in the hearts of others and you'll have an army of Nightmares on your hands. Beware."
    warning his apprentices about Nightmares.
  • "Come on, Aced. You won't know if it works unless you try."
    laughing while teasing Aced after Ava jokingly suggests to growl at Nightmares instead of getting rid of them.
  • "So, did you look through the Book?"
    asking the approaching Ira on the Book of Prophecies.
  • "Wow, no quick skim for you, huh?"
    when Ira says he is still analyzing the Book.
  • "Oh, yeah that. Bummer, huh?"
    when Ira asks about the last passage of the Book.
  • "By the way, if one day I suddenly disappear, I'm countin' on you to keep the others calm. Okay?"
    passing on responsibility to Ira.
  • "Vanish? Dim? Fade? I don't know how to explain it. It's just hypothetical talk."
    talking about his possible disappearance.
  • "This world is full of light. It's a world comprised of many smaller worlds, all connected, stretching as far as the eye can see. One great light protects us all throughout this vast land. All worlds share one light, one fate."
    talking about the world and Kingdom Hearts.
  • "Yep! You're right on the money. People believe that the light that is Kingdom Hearts will be here forever. But if it were to disappear, the world would be enveloped in darkness."
    on the importance of Kingdom Hearts.
  • "No, they're not for protecting Kingdom Hearts."
    when Ira talks about the purpose of the Keyblades.
  • "The final passage reads, "On that fated land, a great war shall transpire. Darkness will prevail and the light expire.""
    reciting the final passage of the Book.
  • "Nah, not possible."
    when Ira talks about the duty as Keyblade wielders to prevent the war.
  • "You really think you can change the future?"
    asking Ira.
  • "We have to focus on what comes after. There's no use thinking of ways to change events that we know are gonna happen."
    telling Ira what to do.
  • "C'mon, are you telling me that you think the world can be saved by just seven people?"
    saying that it is impossible.
  • "Well, if you wanna give it a shot..."
    when Ira insists on trying.
  • "All righty, good luck!"
    wishing Ira good luck and leaving.
  • "So, to sum it up, I'll need you to observe the others. Easy breezy."
    giving Invi her role.
  • "Like I said, Ira may have to take over for me... But don't be shy. Just be fair. And do not be afraid to speak up! Even though I say "observe," you'll need to be the mediator; make sure people get along."
    explaining to Invi her role.
  • "Oh, come on. Lighten up a little! Maybe I'll never disappear. Wait. Do you want me to go?"
    teasing Invi.
  • "I was just kidding!"
    patting Invi on her head.
  • "Look, I get that change can be hard for everyone. But things need to keep moving forward. And you need to keep up. Otherwise, you'll just get left behind all alone. Now that you know what the future holds, Invi, what does your heart say? "May your heart be your guiding key." I say it all the time; you ultimately need to do what your heart feels is right."
    comforting and encouraging Invi.
  • "You been here long? My bad."
    to Aced in his room.
  • "So, what did you want?"
    feigning ignorance.
  • "Lighten up, I was just kidding! I didn't forget. Give me a little credit here. I was just testing you!"
    having his laugh.
  • "Now then, allow me to tell you about your role. You're going to be Ira's right-hand man."
    telling Aced his role.
  • "Well, Ira's gonna be the new leader after I'm gone, you see, so just stand by him. Don't disappoint."
    when Aced is confused.
  • "What? Is that disappointment I hear? Did you want to be leader?"
    when Aced is disappointed about his role.
  • "You really wanna be leader, huh?"
    knowing what Aced wants.
  • "I know you want it, but that just isn't enough. Any chump can say, "You! Here's a huge promotion. Good job!" and make you head honcho, but enthusiasm alone doesn't make a great leader. Ira needs someone like you to give him a push in the right direction."
    explaining to Aced his role.
  • "Then it's settled."
    when Aced accepts his role.
  • "Well... I might disappear one day... Well... I might disappear—"
    explaining the purpose of a new leader, and upon Aced's delayed reaction to it.
  • "Speak up sooner if you're listening. That was embarrassing for me! Anyway, I don't know if I'm gonna disappear or not. It's anyone's guess right now."
    about his possible disappearance.
  • "In any case, you need to support Ira. We both know he's quite serious. He's always just thinking and thinking and thinking behind that unicorn mask of his, so everyone will be counting on you to spur him into action."
    emphasizing on Aced's role.
  • "You might not be entirely happy with your role, but just know that it's the most important one. Capiche?"
    emphasizing on Aced's role.
  • "Shall I elaborate? Making Ira the leader is all good in theory, but sometime later you might think, "he's terrible at this," in which case it'll be your job to step up. Who knows? Your leadership might be just what everyone needs. And that is your true role."
    explaining to Aced his true role.
  • "May your heart be your guiding key. Best of luck, Aced!"
    wishing Aced luck.
  • "Mhm... Ah... Hm... Oh, I see."
    being focused in his work while ignoring Gula.
  • "Sure. Oh! No, no, no, stay! Now where— Ah, here it is!"
    when Gula says he can come back later, and finding the Lost Page to give to him.
  • "Go on, read it."
    when Gula asks what the Lost Page is.
  • "Yup. It's a page that's not in any of your Books."
    talking about the missing Lost Page.
  • "Your role. You must find the traitor hidden among you, and stop them before it's too late. And in order to help you find the traitor—"
    attempting to explain Gula's role to him before being interrupted.
  • "Way to steal my thunder, show-off!"
    when Gula figured out his plan.
  • "It's not fair. My plan was supposed to blow your mind with its grandeur. Your jaw should've hit the floor at my sheer genius!"
    upset that his plan did not surprise Gula.
  • "No, you're right. So, I guess now you've earned your time in the limelight."
    confirming Gula of his explanation.
  • "Even though there is a traitor, act normal and keep focused. Trust no one but yourself."
    switching his tone while talking to Gula.
  • "What's written in the last page of the Book is gonna happen. The entire world will be lost to darkness."
    speaking with Ava.
  • "Well, that's what brings me to your role. You might just be the only hope of keeping light from expiring."
    introducing to Ava her role.
  • "Don't get involved in any battles, forget the notion of Unions, find Keyblade wielders with potential, and create an entirely separate organization. Then, like the seeds of a dandelion, let them fly to another world. They will keep the light alive."
    explaining Ava's role to her.
  • "Ava, you're the only person for this."
    stressing the importance of Ava's role.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • "And then, after all of that..."
    proceeding to explain the next part of Ava's role.
  • "When all's said and done and only the Dandelions are left, they'll need to lead the Unions."
    explaining the reason to have Union leaders.
  • "Of course! Getting rid of them would be like pooh-poohing all your hard work! Besides, other than the five new Union leaders, no one else is going to know that the world...well, you know."
    on Ava doubting the need to maintain the Unions.
  • "There's no point for anyone to carry around knowledge of such a catastrophic event. I want everyone to start over in a different world with a clean slate—well, to their knowledge, of course."
    explaining his intention.
  • "Apparently so. Here, take a look at these five names. They're your new recruits. Make them all Dandelions, and when the time comes, teach them their roles."
    giving Ava a list of names to recruit.
  • "Jackpot! That lucky wielder gets their own free copy of the Book of Prophecies!"
    on the name circled in red.
  • "Yeah, it's a great read, don't you think? Oh, and it's also needed to shape the world into what it's supposed to be."
    on the role of the Book.
  • "Only if the other four get their hands on it. Ava, this book needs to be handed to its owner in secret. No one else can know."
    instructing Ava.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • "So?"
    asking Young Xehanort about the protection that the black coat provides.
  • "Told ya! So, how'd it go? The tour."
    inquiring about the tour that Xehanort went around the worlds to examine and observe.
  • "Ohhh? Tell me more."
    demanding more information from the younger Xehanort.
  • "Sounds like your trip around the world opened your eyes, but you got a little bit more than you anticipated. Must've seen a lot of darkness."
    surprised at how much Xehanort has learned on his tour.
  • "So you're saying the weak feel the need to justify their actions to maintain a sense of self. Can't let that slide?"
    asking if Xehanort will let things be the way that they are.
  • "Ohh, never heard that one before, a Keyblade wielder willing to side with the darkness? Why not just let them be until the darkness consumes them?"
    asking if Xehanort will side with the darkness.
  • "You sure about that? Why not just sit back and watch it play out?"
    suggesting that the events should be played out if Xehanort doesn't get involved.
  • "All right, all right... The world needs you, I'll grant you that one."
    admitting that the world needs Xehanort.
  • "I suppose letting false light dictate the future might be a...pretty lousy move. So? You can make a change, you have that power. What do you want for the world?"
    he inquires on what exactly Xehanort wants with the world.
  • "You're letting the exam decide? Listen to me, the results don't matter. You believe the world needs you. Sounds like you already know where you're headed."
    believing that Xehanort is heading in the right direction.
  • "Hmm... No...you'll ditch it soon."
    predicting Xehanort's future.
  • "I mean that one day you're going to outgrow it."
    telling Xehanort that he will outgrow the black coat.
  • "If you truly possess great power, the darkness can't control you. You won't need a silly old coat to stay safe. In fact, you'll be the one controlling the darkness instead. Me, on the other hand, I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to ever take mine off."
    telling Xehanort to eventually shed the coat.
  • "Well, I could lie and tell you that's what I am, when I'm actually a brilliant artist, or even a scholar. I could tell you that I dream of world peace, when I'm actually planning for its destruction. The truth is what you see with your eyes, not what you hear."
    cryptically explaining to Xehanort about the truth.
  • "What did I just— Never mind, I guess there's no harm. My name is—"
    revealing his name to Xehanort.
  • "I'm a Lost Master."
    revealing his status to Xehanort.
  • "May your heart be your guiding key."
    muttering the line that all Keyblade wielders are aware of.