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This page contains a list of quotes said by Pete during the course of Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Terra, Ventus and Aqua's Story[edit]

  • "Whaddaya mean!?"
    upon finding that he did not win the Million Dreams Award.
  • "There's gotta be a mistake. Everybody voted for Captain Justice. I made sure! Now, go on, tell her!"
    talking to everyone about the voting.
  • "Better try the other one..."
    before changing into his "Captain Dark" attire.
  • "The rogue racer, Captain Dark!"
    after changing into his "Captain Dark" attire.
  • "Like that matters to me. Besides, what are you gonna do about it?"
    talking to Queen Minnie.
  • "W-wait, what? Hey! Let me go! Put me down! What!? You can't—no—hey, easy!"
    before the brooms carry him away.
  • "Who does she think she is, dumpin' me in a place like this? Well, I'll just bust outta here and—"
    while trapping.
  • "Who...who's there? Show yourself!"
    upon hearing Maleficent's voice.
  • "Um...okay."
    when listening to Maleficent.
  • "Really!? Oh, then you can count on me. Just get me outta here, and you can tell me what to do!"
    before Maleficent releases him from the prison.

Terra's Story[edit]

  • "Disguised in shadows, the rogue racer reigns! I am...Captain Dark!"
    introducing himself to Terra and company.
  • "And you must be the chump who made me miss a new track record. Hold on... How's come I don't know you? Somebody bringin' in a ringer?"
    talking to Terra.
  • "Must be downright temptatious to try 'n' stop a primo racer like me from gettin' the record. But we all gotta play by the rules, rookie."
    before leaving Terra and company.
  • "My kart musta sprung a spring! You yahoos just wait—next time, I'll clobber all of you!"
    after winning the race.

Ventus's Story[edit]

  • "Tada! Wearin' the mask of peace and hope...comes the fearless defender and hero of this town! It is me—Captain Justice!"
    upon Ventus meeting him.
  • "Oh! Well, uh, forget that. How can I help? That's the only reason I'm here."
    asking Ventus for any help.
  • "And kid, don't you go forgettin'... Captain Justice is the one who solved all your problems. That would be Justice with a J."
    talking about himself to Ventus.
  • "Well, if it ain't the last kid Captain Justice saved. 'Fraid you'll have to get in line. I'm working on another catastrophe here for these fellahs—Huey, Dewey, and Louie, my good friends."
    upon meeting Ventus along with Huey, Dewey, and Louie and Queen Minnie.
  • "This machine is busted. It just needs a good poundin'..."
    before he starts punching the machine.
  • "Not with that machine! Well... The kid mighta got it to work this one time. But junk like that needs to get junked!"
    talking about the machine.

Aqua's Story[edit]

  • "Tada! Wearin' the mask of peace and hope...comes the fearless defender and hero of this town! It is me—Captain Justice!"
    upon meeting Aqua.
  • "What's that? Trouble? Captain Justice to the rescue!"
    upon hearing Horace Horsecollar's call for help.
  • "Monsters!? Well...too bad. Not on the list."
    making an excuse to not fight the monsters.
  • "Huh? Hark, do you hear that? Somebody's callin' for Captain Justice's help! Do not fear! I am on my way! Sounds like this catastrophe can't wait. But, uh, I'll be back here in a jiff!"
    upon leaving.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "Where is it? It's gotta be around here somewheres..."
    talking to himself in Agrabah.
  • "Grrr... Well, I ain't givin' up till I find a way in! And once I find the lamp that's stashed down there... Heh heh heh... All my wishes'll come true."
    talking about the lamp.
  • "I coulda swore somebody was watchin' me... Next I'll be jumpin' at my own shadow. Grrr... Great! I had to go and lose my place! Now I gotta start lookin' from the beginning."
    thinking someone is watching him.
  • "Hmph! Here for the magic lamp, are ya?"
    talking to Roxas.
  • "Don't try and play dumb with me! You listen up an' listen good! That lamp is official property of Pete--that's me! Ya got it? So you goons can keep your dirty mitts off!"
    before fighting him.
  • "Rrrrrrgh... Ya puny little punks! First I can't find the dag-blasted lamp, now I gotta deal with these weirdos... It just ain't fair!"
    after being defeated.
  • "Zoinks! This can't be good! I'm outta here!"
    fleeing the cave.
  • "Heh heh heh... Those blockheads are actually diggin'! My plan's goin' perfectly! ...Muh? That's weird... Where'd the Heartless go!?"
    talking to himself.
  • "That's strange... The hole they dug's here, plain as day, but not a Heartless in sight. That pirate's greed oughta have every Heartless for miles here by now. Rrrgh... Somebody must be goin' around and taking 'em out! Whoever it is, they're ruinin' my perfect plan! This calls for a new strategy... I'll give that pirate somethin' he can reeeally be greedy about. Then I'll summon a great big whopper of a Heartless!"
    talking to himself about Captain Hook.
  • "So, it's you what's been goin' around takin' out my Heartless!"
    talking to Roxas.
  • "Listen pal, nobody messes with Pete's private army and gets away with it--including you! Now my new giant Heartless is gonna pluck you clean outta the sky! Let's see how you like that!"
    before battling Ruler of the Sky.
  • "Nngh, dag-nabbit! I'll get you for this!"
    running away.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "I sent some of my lackeys inside to see if the master of this here tower's as big and tough as they say. Word is, he's a real powerful sorcerer. Which would make him the perfect bodyguard for me. See, it don't matter how tough he is—once he's a Heartless, he'll do as I say!"
    talking to Sora and company while in the Mysterious Tower.
  • "What are you two nimrods doin' here!?"
    talking to Donald and Goofy.
  • "You want to know how, eh? Well, Maleficent busted me out, that's how! And now your world- no, no, no, all the worlds- are gonna belong to yours truly. Cause Maleficent's gonna help me conquer 'em!"
    explaining how he escaped.
  • "Heartless squad! Round up!"
    after releasing some Heartless onto Sora and company.
  • "Oh, ya don't know, eh? Well, it's old Yen Sid. 'Course he's probably a Heartless by now!"
    talking about who lives in the Mysterious Tower.
  • "Now what's gonna happen to our plan?"
    before seeing Diablo in Villain's Vale.
  • "Oh, they're nuttin' but trouble, the whole lot of 'em. So, uh... what're you gonna do about Hercules? He's made mince meat outta every fighter you sent at him. Pretty soon the Underworld's gonna be standing room only. Say, why don't you just pick somebody already dead and save him the trouble?"
    talking to Hades about Sora and company.
  • "I got Heartless all over the Underworld now. So you can leave those pipsqueaks to me. Look, pal, you just keep working on turning Hercules into a Heartless. Then he'll be all mine."
    talking to Hades.
  • "What's wrong? Can't fight in the Underworld? Ohh, boo-hoo-hoo!"
    before fighting Sora and company in the Underworld.
  • "This place gives me the creeps. I'll deal with you nitwits next time!"
    before leaving Olympus Coliseum.
  • "Beats me. They musta had some other matters to deal with."
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "Oh...I miss those good ol' days... What I wouldn't give to go back in time... What I wouldn't give..."
    during one of his flashbacks.
  • "Oh, thank you, thank you! You can count on me...! So, what do I do?"
    talking to Maleficent in one his flashback.
  • "Don't fail her again... let's see... That's it! I just gotta smash that cornerstone to smithereens! But first... I gotta go get my old boat back."
    before going to Timeless River.
  • "Your future's on the line, pallie, so back off and give me the boat!"
    talking to Past Pete.
  • "You'll pay for this!"
    after he loses the Cornerstone of Light.
  • "Ha! You're still wet behind the ears!"
    before fighting him the second time.
  • "Really? 'Cause ya look like regular pirates to me."
    talking to Barbossa.
  • " Whoa! Now I get what you were sayin'... Well, if you see two doofuses and a brat holdin' a Keyblade, steer clear. They got a kinda magic that don't belong in this world, see? And nobody knows what it'd do to ya. 'Specially when the moon's showing whatcha really are."
    talking about Sora and company to Barbossa.
  • "Weren't you listenin' to me before?"
    before Sora and company fights some pirates.
  • "See? I told ya you'd be needin' ol' Pete!"
    before calling the Illuminator to aid Barbossa in battle.
  • "This ain't over!"
    before leaving Port Royal.
  • "Stop your whining and hand it over!"
    talking to the Peddler.
  • "Heh heh, I win!"
    upon getting the lamp off the Peddler.
  • "Time for Plan B! I'm finishin' you mugs off right now!"
    before calling Blizzard Lord and Volcanic Lord.
  • "You! You've messed with me for the last time! I'm gonna get you yet!"
    before leaving Agrabah.
  • "My back..."
    upon falling down a rock in the Pride Lands.
  • "Aw, that was just a sneak preview! 'Cause this ain't over—not by a long shot!"
    after Scar is thrown off the cliff.
  • "Anger and jealousy turned the king of Pride Rock into a Heartless! Oh, your kingdom's gonna rise again...But this time, as the Pride Lands of Darkness!"
    before Sora and company fighting Scar.
  • "What, are you nuts? We're never gonna win! I don't know about you, but I'm outta here, sister!"
    running away from the Nobodies in Hollow Bastion.
  • "Well, the setup is... kinda nice, I guess, but... what about all the Heartless? This in-between world—it's way too close to the darkness! They ain't gonna listen to us here!"
    talking to Maleficent about taking over The World That Never Was.
  • "But there's no way we can take 'em all!"
    talking to Maleficent about the hordes of Heartless.
  • "Well, if it ain't the boat-boy King."
    talking to Mickey.
  • "Now lookie here. Opportunities like this don't come along every day, ya know. Bring 'em on!"
    before he and Maleficent fight the hordes of Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "Gwahahahaha! Been a long time."
    talking to Mickey.
  • "You want me to lend ya a hand?"
    talking to Jafar.
  • "Yeah, but not the real one. I used the corruption to make a copy. Ya know, a fake. A duplicate."
    talking about a duplicate lamp to Jafar.
  • "It all happened thanks ter me!"
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "I heard youse were up to something. I went searchin' through the castle, as Maleficent ordered me to. And then-"
    during his flashback.
  • "Too bad! Now you haven't got a leg left to stand on! GWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
    before leaving.
  • "I'm busy getting the Puppet ready. You stay here and play with these guys!"
    talking to Sora.
  • "What's going on here!? I thought Maleficent destroyed that thing..."
    when Sora get his Keyblade back.
  • " Hmph...You just won't stop getting in my way, will ya!? I guess I got no choice but to show you what I can really do!"
    before fighting him.
  • "I turned him into my Puppet, that's what! Data is such a handy thing, isn't it. I got those bugs inside of him. Come on, Puppet, listen up. I want ya to smash him good!"
    after Riku appears.
  • "But Maleficent! We really oughta listen, just this once."
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "I'm tired of this place. See ya. We're gettin' out of here."
    before he and Riku leaves.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • "Playin' dumb, eh?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Same way as youse did. Thought I'd take a little vacay from the outside world. Well this here world belongs to me, see, so mitts off!"
    talking to Mickey.
  • "But since you're wondering, it was all my idea, you bozo!"
  • "We caught wind right away you was up to something, see. So, I decided to pay a little visit under Maleficent's orders. And what do I find?"
  • "And that's how yours truly got stuck into the light show. I woke up all by my lonesome in the weirdest place."
  • "I ain't no expert, but I think it's hookin' a bunch of places together. Could come in handy for takin' over them worlds, huh?"
  • "And there ya have it. We've been digging around here ever since."
  • "Now you all play nice while I finish settin' up our little puppet show."
  • "Couldn't do a thing by yourself, so you went crying to your pals, eh?"
  • "It's my turn to teach you a trick or three of my own."
  • "Hmph. Not bad, bozo... No more Mr. Nice Pete!"
  • "I still gots an ace up my sleeve. C'mon out and say hello!"
  • "I took the liberty of takin' his liberty away. All I had to do was load some of those bug thingies into your pally's data-matronics. Now, let's see what my new minion can do. Your master orders you to attack!"
  • "That oughta do it. I'll just leave you two to get reacquainted. So long!"
  • "Next time, youse guys are in for it!"

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX[edit]

  • "What's that?"
    when Maleficent says something is finally clear.
  • "No kidding! If we got our mitts on somethin' like that, we could finally take over permanent-like!"
    about the Book of Prophecies.
  • "Really!? A book that can just make up a world? I don't know. That sounds like nothin' more than fluffy, pink, kids' fairy tale stuff. It just sounds too good to be true."
    skeptical on the Book's powers.
  • "I'd say with that we are onto somethin' huge, eh, Maleficent?"
    talking about the link between the journal and the book.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • ""Thug" works for me. We all got a role to play, right?"
    when Donald calls him a thug.
  • "You said it. This place needs some lights-out time!"
    when Maleficent wants to take over Disney Castle.
  • "Don't you bozos pretend you don't remember. Me and Maleficent was trapped inside it. Now cough it up!"
    talking about the data of the worlds.
  • "Ah-ah-ah... Wouldn't want her Royal Minnie Mousiness to get a boo-boo, now would we?"
    warning them about threatening Minnie's life.
  • "Say, uh, milady, I think the pipsqueak's right. We better hit the road!"
    After Maleficent's plan has failed.
  • "Hey! Wait for me! Maleficent?"
    before leaving with Maleficent.

As the Captain of the Musketeers[edit]

  • "Congratulations, boys. In light of your lacklustrious potential, I dub you Royal Musketeers! Just look at yas-all dressed up and goin' nowheres"
    dubbing Mickey, Donald, and Goofy Musketeers.
  • "Now then, let's get right down to your inaugurary mission-bodyguards to... Princess Minnie! Some nefarious nincompoop has got it out for her, see? And it's your job to personally keep her safe."
    Giving Mickey and the others a mission to guard Princess Minnie.
  • "What am I up to? I'm up to plenty!"
    answering Sora's question while making an appeareance.
  • "Whozzat? A stranger lookin' to be endangered... You, mangle these yardsticks!"
    talking to Sora before summoning the Dream Eaters.
  • "That's a good one."
    when Mickey is about to arrest him.
  • "Well, how's about this? By the power invested in my fist, I clobber you!"
    before knocking out Mickey.
  • "Actually, it's time to say "bon journey," Your Royal Highness."
    talking to Princess Minnie.
  • "Oh, don't you lose any sleep over it, Princess. I'm just gonna seize the throne and rule happily ever after. After you name me king, that is."
    telling Princess Minnie about his plan.
  • "Bien sewer. And that's why the real you won't be the one doin' the namin'. I got myself another stooge to take the stage. All's you got to do is keep your royal mouth nice and shut."
    explaining to Princess Minnie.
  • "Oh, never you fear, Princess. Those chowderheads will be outta the picture real soon."
    talking about Mickey and the Musketeers.
  • "So, how we lookin', boys?"
    asking the Beagle Boys about the trap.
  • "Good. Now, you mutts hold on to that thing no matter what!"
    telling the Beagle Boys to hold on to the gadget for the trap.
  • "If'n you don't mind, Your Highness, we have a seat reservated for you backstage."
    talking about the chest.
  • "It's gonna be curtains soon. "Curtains"! I love it!"
    before leaving.
  • "Impossible!"
    when his trap fails.
  • "Why you... How dare you thwart me in the nick of time! This don't add up, I tell ya. Hey! Over here, boys!"
    before he and the Beagle Boys start to fight Sora.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Hey, now, that ain't no way to say hello, 'specially to your old friends."
    meeting Hades at Olympus.
  • "Say, Maleficent, I dunno about his sidekicks, but Kid Keyblader here looks way punier than the last time we saw him. I say we finish him off while we still can."
    suggesting to Maleficent that they finish off Sora while he's still weak.
  • "Oh! We gots to find that black box."
    absentmindedly giving away his and Maleficent's scheme.
  • "Yeah, and youse better get your act together before then. Later, twerps!"
    mocking Sora before leaving.
  • "Are you sure this box with the Book of Prophecies is for reals? I think that dingbat in black was pulling your leg."
    digging for the black box.
  • "I'm just sayin', a shot in the dark ain't gonna get us any closer to—"
    dismissing Maleficent's desperation.
  • "Yes sir-eesy, this has gotta be that Pandora's Box Hades mentioned."
    finding Pandora's Box.
  • "What? After all that diggin'?"
    when Maleficent tells him to leave Pandora's Box.
  • "Another world where we got doodly-squat. You sure this box thingy's even real?"
    discussing their failure in the Kingdom of Corona.
  • "Where to? Those bozos ain't gonna help us. Sora's sure not lookin' for the box."
    when Maleficent opens a portal.
  • "Who's he? Friend of yours?"
    talking to Maleficent about Dark Riku.
  • "I've had it with this stupid treasure hunt. Every box we've found has been nothin' but a bust."
    complaining about their hunt.
  • "What-a-huh-now?!"
    to Maleficent.
  • "I knew they was takin' us for a ride."
    when Maleficent tells him the box does not exist.
  • "Is that some kinda riddle? Just where we s'posed to be lookin'?"
    when Maleficent clarifies that the box does not exist in their time.
  • "That's it?! But when's my big moment?"
    when Maleficent decides to wait for the Keyblade War's conclusion to find the box.

Battle Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • "Why I oughta-!"
    upon taking damage from Skid Charge.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "I'll show you!"
    using bombs.
  • "Get outta my way!"
    when using stomp attack.
  • "This outta take care of you little runts!"
    summoning a boulder on top of Sora.
  • "Come to Petey!"
    when summoning Heartless.
  • "That's right, lunkheads, Pete's invincible!"
    bringing up his shield.
  • "W-w-wait! What are you doing!?"
    when using Pinball Reaction Command.
  • "Noo!"
    when knocked over.
  • "You mugs couldn't follow me if you wanted to!"
    when throwing items.
  • "Later, losers!"
    when throwing items.
  • "I'll show you!"
    when throwing items.
  • "Oooh, I can't take anymore..."
    when knocked out.
  • "Go and get 'em!"
    commanding fire and black hole.
  • "How's about a change?"
    when changing scenery.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "Uh, huh?"
    observing the battle.
  • "I'll do it myself!"
    when the Beagle boys are defeated.
  • "So long!"
    when using the sword attack.
  • "Incoming! Outta my way!"
    when using the stage set as swings.
  • "Oh, boy! Woah!"
    when being thrown back to the stage via the Wonder Comic Reality Shift.