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This page contains a list of quotes spoken by Go Go Tomago during the course of Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

  • "Not cool."
    when Big Hero 6 nurses their wounds at Hiro's garage.
  • "Where'd they come from?"
    wondering where the Heartless came from.
  • "The monsters. Tell us how you managed to take them down."
    wanting to know how Sora and company defeated the Heartless.
  • "Wait. So we're just gonna give up?"
    when Honey reminds them that they have no way to defeat the Heartless.
  • "Did you read that in Geek's Quarterly?"
    when Fred suggests that they shugyo to get new powers.
  • "We'll put a tracer on your movements so we can- So we can shugyo."
    telling Sora how Big Hero 6 can analyze his abilities.
  • "Try to keep up, Sora!"
    during the shugyo.
  • "Interesting. Gravity- not binding."
    observing Sora's Flowmotion.
  • "Yeah! Hiro, I think there's a way to-"
    suggesting to Hiro her new idea.
  • "Just try and catch me."
    fighting the Heartless.
  • "It looks the right size to me."
    before fighting a Metal Troll.
  • "Great, they're back."
    when the Darkubes arrive.
  • "Guys, I'm really tired of just dodging this thing."
    fighting the Darkubes.
  • "Yeah, that's not cool."
    when Fred names the Darkubes.
  • "Hiro. We are a team. And teams delegate. We need you at the garage. We trust you, so you trust us."
    convincing Hiro to analyze the Darkubes.
  • "Sora! I don't know how to stop this thing. I tried slowing it down with my discs."
    being trapped by the Darkubes.
  • "Thanks. I owe ya."
    when Sora rescues her.
  • "Okay, there's a lot of them."
    confronting the Darkubes
  • "The black coat... He's back?"
    when Dark Riku arrives.
  • "Fred. Not now."
    nursing their wounds from the Darkubes.
  • "And what do they want?"
    on what Dark Riku wants with the Darkubes.
  • "Hope it's learned some new tricks."
    facing the Darkubes again.
  • "Maybe we can find another way."
    after Dark Baymax's defeat.