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Magnet Burst

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Magnet Burst envelops the user in an orb that reels in enemies before it explodes.

Magnet Burst (マグネスプラッシュ Magune Supurasshu?, lit. "Magnet Splash") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to draw in enemies before unleashing a finishing combo move.


In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Magnet Burst is an action ability that costs 3 AP to equip. It is an aerial combo finisher that activates when multiple targets are nearby. Magnet Burst deals Neutral damage relative to Sora's Magic stat.

In Kingdom Hearts III, Magnet Burst is an ability accessible in Second Form. It is the form's third and final air combo finisher, and inflicts damage relative to Sora's Magic stat.

Learning Magnet Burst[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

  • Sora learns Magnet Burst after defeating Hades.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Second Form has Magnet Burst as a default ability.