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This is a list of bugs found in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.

Bugs and Glitches[edit]

  • When summoning Simba, the back of Pride Rock is missing. This is due to the rendering of objects in 4:3 aspect ratio, as it was never shown in the original Kingdom Hearts.
  • The Infinite Guard/Dodge Roll glitch lets Sora perform infinite Dodge Rolls and Guards while interacting with people and objects throughout the game. To do this, unequip one of the ability that the Square button uses (Guard if you're doing the Dodge Roll, vice versa) and press the Triangle and Square button simultaneously while in front of an interactable object. This doesn't apply to chests, crates, and barrels.
    • In Hollow Bastion before Unknown is fought, if Sora is angled in such a way that he's directed at the entrance to the next room where you will fight him while near a princess, do the Infinite Dodge Roll glitch to trigger the textbox of one of the Princesses while Sora is Dodge Rolling to the loading zone. As a result, the subtitles in the cutscene on the Unknown fight will be finicky. Also, a "Pause" text will randomly float into the screen while the fight is ongoing. The only way to remove this is to pause and unpause the game.
    • Before you obtain the Navi-Gummi from the Secret Waterway in Traverse Town, perform the Infinite Dodge Roll Glitch on Kairi while directed at the cutscene's loading zone. As a result, Sora's model will perform the action in a wrong position, causing deformation of his model.
    • In Aladdin's House in Agrabah, position Sora near the merchant but angled towards the Main Street in a way that he's not in the way. Then, with Guard unequipped, Perform the Infinite Dodge Roll glitch to activate the merchant's textbox while Sora rolls towards the Main Street loading zone (the one in the center with the hole) but not load it. Exit the textbox and the glitch similar to the End of the World glitch in Kingdom Hearts will happen.[citation needed] Jumping will cause Sora to rise, but running away from Aladdin's house causes the game to crash. Walking back into the house will cause Sora to clip back in.
  • At Destiny Islands Day 2 during Sora's race with Riku, jump in the middle of the cement platform and the bridge near the starting/finish position. As a result, Sora will land with an awkward position where it looks like his right leg is broken.
  • The conversation with Cloud after Sora defeats Cerberus in Olympus Coliseum, the game will often crash in the Japanese version.
  • During the fight where you save Aladdin in Agrabah, if the player summons Simba and end the fight with him jumping around, the game tends to crash.