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The Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a large and growing presence on social media. If you're on any of these networks, be sure to give us a holler. We're in the process of expanding our social media use, so keep an eye out for great new things to come!


Main article: KHWiki:Chat

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a Discord server which the wiki's editors are free to and encouraged to socialize and discuss issues related to the wiki. The server has several channels, and in addition to the social aspect, is meant to help coordinate several projects on the wiki.

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The Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a Facebook page and group. The Facebook Page is used to post updates and announcements from the wiki, as well as feature content, news, and more. The Facebook Group is used to communicate to our users any news and information. If any of these two interest you, be sure to like us or join our group!

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Facebook Page Staff[edit]

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Main article: KHWiki:Twitter

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a Twitter account through which the staff posts updates and announcements from the wiki, as well as carrying out games every day. Be sure to follow us on Twitter!

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The Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a YouTube channel. There, the wiki publishes the wiki podcast, and will also host future walkthroughs, Let's Play's, and more! Be sure to subscribe to our channel!

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