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Hello and welcome to the questions/comments/concerns- discussion page for the Kingdom Hearts Wiki Twitter! This page will serve as the main source for information pertaining to the KHWiki Twitter. Feel free to post your thoughts and ideas!

Twitter staff[edit]

See also: KHWiki:Staff


Other than Kingdom Hearts and Wiki news we have started a few "games." Below is a list of current activities we are using!

  • Guess That Quote: Every Friday, KeybladeSpyMaster will tweet a quote from the series. Using #KHguessthatquote, tweet back with who said the quote.
  • Would You Rather: Every Sunday, Xion4ever will tweet a comparison question. Using #KHwouldyourather, tweet back with your opinion.
  • Who Would Win: Every Tuesday, Pea will post a versus tweet. Using #KHwhowouldwin, tweet back with your vote!
  • Kingdom Hearts Favorite: Every Thursday, KeybladeSpyMaster will post a personal favorite question. Using #KHWfavorite, tweet back with your response!


  • Sunday: Would You Rather...
  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: Who Would Win?
  • Wednesday: Featured content - Pea

Every Wednesday will feature content from a few wiki activities, including: Cleanup of the Month, featured user, featured article, and featured media. Check back every Wednesday for your weekly dose of Kingdom Hearts Wiki community action!

  • Thursday: Kingdom Hearts Favorite
  • Friday: Guess That Quote
  • Saturday: Mirage Arena - KeybladeSpyMaster

Every Saturday will featured content from the Mirage Arena. Check in to see this week's battle!

User Xion4ever Pea14733
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Guess that Quote
Would You Rather...
Who Would Win?
Featured content
Mirage Arena


Got a question? An idea? Something you want to see? Post your comments here!