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UnknownChaserTime and Relative Dimension in Space— 15:25, 22 October 2014 (UTC)
Video may or may not be still processing.

"The spooks level is high tonight and the skeletons are dancing in the graveyard while playing the trumpets."
—Abraham Lincoln

FRESH OFF THE PRESS (and still maybe on the press)! After multiple attempts and my terrible computer processing.

Heres the Halloween podcast..... in NOVEMBER!!

This podcast crew members. our; Me (obviously), Chainoffire, and Neumannz.


In the spookiest podcast yet, the skeletons of UnknownChaser, Chainoffire, and Neumannz, sits down around the fire and try to read terrible Kingdom Hearts creepypastas


KHWiki Podcast #3 - Kingdom Spooks

Link Dump[edit]

Link Dump


Neumannz — Looks like I'm gonna have to jump...!
TALK — I work alone! Except when I work with Xion...which is all the time.
— 23:03, 2 November 2014 (UTC)
There is SO MUCH wrong with The Other Mix that I didn't have time to say...

Aside from the stupid premise of the dumbass player who keeps playing even though all signs show that it's a bad idea, (1) the nursery rhyme business is completely pointless, and (2) this guy apparently knows enough about BBS FM that he knows what's in it but NOT enough to know when there's something wrong... O_O

(Also, I can't believe you actually wrote my name as "Juego del Toro"! XD)