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The Gummi Ship is the main method of transportation between worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series. Several characters and factions, including King Mickey, Sora, the Heartless and Nobodies, use Gummi Ships to move between Worlds. These ships are made entirely of Gummi Blocks, made of special Gummi material that allows to travel between Worlds. Gummi Ship travel is a slower, but more reliable alternative to warping by using a Corridor of Darkness. Although Gummi travel seems to have originated with King Mickey, it is now mostly handled by his loyal subjects Chip and Dale, as well as Radiant Garden refugee Cid and Pinocchio's father, Geppetto. Gummi Ships are constructed of the meteors that assumingly fall upon the world as a result of its door being opened, as noted in the Ansem Reports by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. King Mickey was the first to create a Gummi Ship. (more....)

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