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Item Boost (item)

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This article is about the item. For the ability, see Item Boost.
Item Boost
Item Boost image
"Set to increase item drop rate."
Japanese ドロップアップ
Rōmaji Doroppu Appu

Translation Drop Up

The Item Boost is an item that appears in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. It can be activated before playing a music track to increase the drop rate of items.


Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]



  • Item Boost: Clear The Other Twilight Town in World Tour; obtain 1400 Rhythm Points, obtain 5400 Rhythm Points, obtain 7800 Rhythm Points, obtain 10900 Rhythm Points, obtain 14600 Rhythm Points, obtain 21800 Rhythm Points, obtain 29000 Rhythm Points, obtain 36200 Rhythm Points, obtain 44900 Rhythm Points, every 10000 additional Rhythm Points beyond 44900 up to 174900, obtain 185100 Rhythm Points, every 7000 additional Rhythm Points beyond 185100 up to 9999100


Item Boost image Item Boost
EXP 8887 Ingredients The Frost Shard material spriteFrost Shard x6
EXP Bonus 13331