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Game:Timeless River

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Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Battle Levels[edit]




# Item Location Notes
1 Key item icon Cornerstone Hill Map Cornerstone Hill
2 Tent icon Drive Recovery[KH II]
Material icon Frost Shard[KH II FM]
Cornerstone Hill
3 Material icon Mythril Shard Pier
4 Potion icon Hi-Potion Pier
5 Material icon Mythril Stone Waterway
6 Tent icon AP Boost Waterway
7 Potion icon Hi-Potion[KH II]
Material icon Frost Stone[KH II FM]

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

# Puzzle Piece Location Notes
1 Duality #9 Pier Above the tree upon entering. Need LV2 High Jump.
2 Frontier #6 Pier On the Pier next to the river.
3 Heart #8 Waterway Left end.