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Vsymbol.pngI really hate Nomura. He just makes Final mixes of almost every game and sells them only in Japan. That feels like a "In your face" situation. I want to know how everybody else thinks about this.Vsymbol.png
Erry - Deep Drive
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8tE68DV.png I don't think they're ridiculous, but I think the fact that they're only sold in Japan is ridiculous. But still, even then it'd be hard to understand, but I managed to defeat all of Org. XII Data Rematches, the Lingering Will and do all 13 mushrooms. Overall, Nomura needs to re-release these as an HD collection in English.

Vonfrank - Number XIII
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I agree with absolutely everything Erry said. The Final Mixes are awesome, but I really hate the fact that they're not in English. I've played through KH1FM and KH2FM and they are a great improvement to the original games. I cant wait for my copy of BBSFM to arrive..... only 6 more days!!!

I really hope that they do release an HD collection in North America. I would buy it in a second!

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well, Square Enix would make sooo much more money if they sold the final mixes in america and europe, but they probobly want us to buy the aisan ps2, and that is pretty expensive. But they are definatley NOT rediculous.

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I didn't mean the final mixes are redicilous, but the fact that they aren't sold in Europe and America just bothers me. I would buy one if possible. But like BBSFM, in BBS in America and Europe, there is new stuff that the Japanese don't have, the people in Europe and America are happy and then is the Final Mix announced wirh new features etc. That feels like a smak in the face.

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The Final Mixes annoy me too. the KH2 one the most. Theres like, over twenty new bosses (Mushroom 13, Roxas,Data Rematches}Two new keyblades (i think, maybe it's three..)AND a new drive form! (I might be FORGETTING some stuff too!)I wouldn't mind the final mixes if all they did was add the western additions, but adding that much is just unfair..Mobile rikukh1.png Mechajin I fight for my friends!

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The way I see it, the Final Mix's are a lot like the Worlds after the Heartless attacked. Even though they are separated entirely, that doesn't mean that they are unavailable. Really, the only thing to complain about is the lack of english voices/text in new scenes or not knowing what abilities/commands you have equiped. But they are still far from rediculous. Except if they released a Final Mix on a Nintendo system, because then we would be totaly screwed.