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Out of all the cut-scenes in the KH trilogy (quadrilogy if you've played Days), which is the one that gave you a burst of emotion. Whether adrenaline, anger or being a tearjerker. Personally me it's the ending of the first KH game where Sora, Kairi and Riku are all separated. That's one of the only two times in video game history I ever shed so much as a tear.
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It's the same moment for me, only time I cried during a video game apart from when my brother hit me in the back with a guitar hero guitar.
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Same here with the Kingdom Hearts ending, especially when as soon as Sora and Kairi let go, the music started.
OPXion4EverIcon.png For KH: Definately the ending of KH KH II: When Goofy "died" I didn't bawl but I definately shed a few tears..
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Xion's death scene in japanese the scene is just so romantic and beatiful(yes i did spell that wrong i think).
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blue.png I know of three scenes which honestly made me cry, and one that made me sad, and then angry:
  • In KH, when Sora releases his Heart
  • The ending of KH, when Sora and Kairi get seperated
  • In KH Days, When Xion fades away
  • In KH II, when Goofy "dies"

I think that those three are the most emotional scenes in the games.

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There has only been one time I've cried while watching/playing KH it was when:
  • Kairi enters Secret Cave and cried when she sees Sora's drawing on the wall symbolising they'd always be connected... so sad along with Simple and Clean.

I nearly cried when:

  • When Sora sacrifices himself for Kairi's Heart.

There's my two most emotional moments. I love KH for the emotion portrayed and also NOT portrayed.

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KH ending and Xion's death... the music really just makes me so sad(it's also unconfirmed that it may just be the screen when it's too bright)(plus,roxas' theme gets to me when i listen to it a few times...)

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I'm a Nobody when it comes to tear jerking events. We were talking about 9/11 in my history class andI'm one of the few who didn't cry.
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Naminé's Notebook KHII.png That's probaly because you are used to being a pyro :P
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PrincessAndie8thprincessofheart - I'm the only one!
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*shrugs* I was laughing at Goofy's "death" cuz I already knew what would happen.
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AetherWolf Talk · Contribs 04:17, October 10, 2009 (UTC)
KHI's ending. But the FMV was so nice and pretty, so maybe that's what caused my teary-ness. More recently was Xion's death and 358/2 Days' ending.

Not that I'm one to cry easily, but hey.
We're watching Eight Below in geography, and I already let out a couple of sobs. In class. And we're barely half way through it.

Seriously, that movie kills you.

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I cried during the deaths of Xemnas, Saix, Zexion and Demyx.

Xion's death and the ending of KH. I wasn't crying until i saw kairi crying User:Yuffie2211/Sig05:14, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

I was moved by (in order of game): Kairi in the secret cave at the end of Kingdom Hearts, viewing the stone, Roxas "returning" to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II (that made me sad... Somewhat), Roxas remembering his birth and complete return to Sora, and (like most others) Xion's fading. --光に闇に無。 05:20, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

I thought Axel's death was probably the one that made me the most sad, all the other Organization members were dicks throughout KH2 so, them dieing was fine by me.

Xion's death, without a doubt. to this day, it still turns me eyes into a waterfall. TT~TT--No.i 01:44, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

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xion dieing until roxas blurted out "who else will i have ice cream with?XD!

Here are mine: Sora's sacrifice, Goofy's death, and the ending of both KH and KH2. Bananaphone1996

The scene that almost always makes me cry is Xion's "Death" Scene. Sure, her theme is sad and tearbringing, but also how they built it up was what really got me. Through out the whole game, even though you could probably finish 10 Days in just one day (Days refeers to the game's days, days refeers to our real days), Roxas knew Xion for 349 days, and as playing as Roxas, I kind of almost felt "one" with him, and so in a way, I kinda grew an "imaginary" bond with Axel and Xion (and Roxas and Sora, but that always happens when I play as Sora/Roxas). So, when Xion died, I felt that MY best friend that I knew for almost a year died, too. So, like Roxas, I teared up in that scene, and it happens almost evey other time I see that scene (I curse myself for the times that I don't). That is probably the only scene in the Kingdom Hearts series that makes me so sad that it brings me to tears. I have to admitt though, I probably should've cryied when Goofy was knocked out, but I already suspected that they wouldn't kill anyone like Goofy off (let alone any other disney character that isn't a villian who dies in the movie), so I just got angery and decided to avenge him and beat the crud out of a kajillion Heartless with my favorite Final Fantasy characters. AROS 15:08, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Same with other users. I was about to cry in Xion's death until Roxas just blurted out "Who else will I have ice cream with? Then I started rolling on the floor laughing. Bananaphone1996.