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OPXion4EverIcon.png Alrighty, brace yourself for a wall of text. This discussion is a result of the unused files category and as part of the Project: Image Renovation. Reason for discussion: Many of these images need an explanation/discussion over: a) whether we keep the image(s) or not b) does the image serve a purpose. This needs some input. As much as I enjoy slashing through the images, this is a better way of getting some feedback/attention, rather then spam every image's talk page with a sentence. Notice: Images that I feel are good to have but don't currently serve a purpose, such as File:DaysXionShocked.png, won't be mentioned to keep this wall of text as small as possible. If you feel an image that I've missed merits discussion, please feel free to post about it on this forum. So, here we go.
  • Merchandise Images: File:Axel Plush.png, File:File.KHteefem.jpg.jpg, File:Kingdom Hearts BBS Edition PSP.png
    • Discussion:This probably deserves it's own forum. We need to decide what merchandise we're going to cover, specifically on merchandise not pertaining to the manga, figurines, guides, etc. Are we wanting to upload/list every single KH shirt, accessory, plush toy, bath towels/miscellaneous merchandise? If so, these images can stay and follow the cleaning up of the image renovation. Also, we need to scan Hot Topic/other sources for any released merchandise we do not have. If not, they need to go and we need to review our merchandise image category.
  • .ogg Files: These would be ridiculous to list. Anyways, unless we plan on revamping the "list of tracks in the series" article and include snip-its of every single music file, OR if they will be used for something regarding Project:Music, I don't know what to do with them.
  • Map Images: A lot to list. Could these be used in our Walkthrough space? If not, I don't see a purpose for them.

Let it be known that I'm totally fine with leaving images in the unused file category, if we deem it so. While I'd rather see the whole category empty, I understand that we should keep some images but just don't have a place for yet...Like the manga cover images. Those images will be used once their respective summary pages have been created. Said summary pages haven't been created because we have enough manga chapter articles needing filled in as it is. Anyways, I know this is quite a bit to shift through, but we need to get these files taken care of. We've pushed this problem back long enough, hence the whole Project:Image Renovation. Not only that, but I could use the help. Thanks.

Xion4ever Promise... — 23:00, 1 June 2014 (UTC)

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Final Chain - "Good tidings friends..."
TALK - "...and a happy new year!" - Eternal Flames KHD.pngChainoffirePizza Cut KHD.png 03:25, 2 June 2014 (UTC)
Earthshine KHD.png Yay! A forum for this! Hopefully people will actually respond to this forum,unlike some others I know >_>. Let's get started!

Mobile Images from old: Since KH mobile no longer exists, we can't really check to see about the appropriate usage of these. Also, see this forum, it may help. If they're not incorporated, I'd say to stick them into the galleries of the appropriate character.

Miscellaneous Images: I have no idea about any of them, sorry.

Merchandise Images: Would we like to make a page for every console, or a "List of Consoles" page? This may require it's own forum.

Staff Images: That'll wait to be discussed at the roundtable, which I, unfortunately, won't be able to attend. But if we want a retired/inactive staff page, I'd be willing to create it.

Cutscene Images: Unless they already serve some purpose on the wiki, I say dispose of them. Check "Category: Articles in need of Images" and see if you can use them there.

Gameplay Images: Since those trinity images are technically unofficial, they should be put on photobucket or imageshack. The rest should probably be done on a case-by-case basis, and I'd be glad to do some with you over the IRC right now if you can be on.

Site Images: They do serve a purpose, but since they're used on a HTML page instead of a wiki-markup page, it won't show up as "used". Could we make a page for these types of images so that they don't appear "unused"?

Character Images: They seem unnecessary to me.

.ogg Files: Maybe you can do something similar to The Keyhole's soundtrack pages.

Map Images: I think they would probably be of use in the walkthroughs, as long as we have all of the map images. Earthshine KHD.png

For the site images, these are used, so they should not be deleted:

Erry uEPKV.png 04:29, 2 June 2014 (UTC)

My feedback: Strange thing my talk bubble isn't working :(
  • I see no use in keeping the mobile images.
  • What's File:Buton hr.png even used for? Iit has no apparent purpose so for either users or the Site so I would delete it.
  • I wouldn't keep the T-shirt since there's too many of those floating around scattered to list
  • How come [this and this aren't listed on a staff/retired staff/IRC page?.
  • Same opinion as CoF on the cutscene images.
  • I think the trinities should be deleted.
  • Case by case is the way to go for gameplay images.
  • Someone can even create a gallery of site images in their own userspace or on a forum (maybe at the bottom of this one...) to eliminate the problem. If people are against that, we could create a "KHWiki:Site Images" or make a subpage under an already existing KHWiki: page (which one).
  • The character images are pointless.
  • The .ogg files are going to be on the List of Kingdom Hearts tracks page.
  • The map images have been dealt with: the new format allows them to be in a collapsible gallery in the "Settings and Areas" sections of world pages.
TheFifteenthMember 00:23, 13 August 2014 (UTC)