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Welcome! Below are edited avatars from Kingdom Hearts Mobile. They are free to use as talk bubble icons, avatars, etc. All I ask is that you not take credit for them yourself.

What have you done?

Nothing you can pin on me! A-haha...oops, wrong context. ^_^

These avatars have been taken from the gallery kindly compiled by Guardian Soul in this this thread. The "sample" has been removed from their mid-sections and legs, the outlines have been cleaned up so they will display more cleanly on the wiki, and they have been given faces so we do not have zombie avatars. I cannot say they are "exact" replicas of the ones that appear in Kingdom Hearts Mobile; while I have tried to be as accurate as possible, in some places I had to build clothes from scratch because of the complicated nature of the outfit and the detail that was obscured. When I had to do this, I used picture references from the game to make them match as best I could. Most of the faces are based on the "base face", best seen in Kingdom Hearts II Cloud, with minor changes usually in the form of eye or lip color. Some faces were built from scratch out of necessity or because I felt like it.

In addition, a few sprites were based on existing pieces, but do not actually exist in Kingdom Hearts Mobile (that I know of, anyway) or cannot be built from existing pieces. These sprites have their names in italics to indicate they are essentially original pieces.

Do you take requests?

At the moment, no.

It's not an effort to be mean or stuck's entirely an issue of time. I have a full time job, family, pets, bills, hobbies, and so on. I work on these when I have a free moment and the mental capacity to edit properly. The exception is if you find an existing avatar where I have goofed, such as the transparency not working properly or the top of the head cut off.

I do have a priority for the ones I intend to finish:

  • Main and secondary characters from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Alternate forms of existing sprites (eg. Alternate Forms, alternate costumes, and so on)
  • Minor characters (Heartless for the most part)
  • Non Kingdom Hearts outfits (Dissadia armors and so on)
  • If time permits, I may also work on cleaning up individual components (weapons, glasses, hats, etc.) for editing purposes.

That's not to say I'll never take requests. Sometimes I may find the time to make some minor alterations to existing avatars, or might ask someone I've seen doing lots of hard work around the wiki if they'd like something. If that's the case, make sure your requests are polite and simple, and I'll see what I can do.

Can I Help?

Dear diety-of-your-choice, yes! Just let me know on my talk page, and I'll add your stuff here!

So far, HeartOfOblivion (HOO), Troisnyxetienne (TNE) and ZACH have polished up some avvies. Thanks!

Avatar Gallery

These have been edited by ZACH: Mobile_Black_Ballade.jpg Mobile_PinkAgaricus.jpg Mobile_PinkConcerto.jpg Mobile_RareTruffle.jpg

Tiny Sprites

These little guys are awards from Kingdom Hearts Mobile. Great for talk bubbles, bullets, or icons!

Sora emotion icons are from Dan. Thanks!

Tiny sprite from Kingdom Hearts Mobile.Tiny sprite from Kingdom Hearts Mobile.Tiny sprite from Kingdom Hearts Mobile.Tiny sprite from Kingdom Hearts Mobile.

Mobile sprite-donald.pngModified tiny sprite, original source Kingdom Hearts Mobile.Sprite based on Kingdom Hearts Mobile, created by BebopKate. Mobile sprite-goofy.png Mobile sprite-sora.pngMobile sprite-soraangry.pngMobile sprite-soraconfused.pngMobile sprite-soradance.pngMobile sprite-soralove.pngMobile sprite-sorasad.pngMobile sprite-sorasanta.pngSoraspritelion.png

Mobile sprite-moogle.pngMobile sprite-moogleok.pngMobile sprite-mooglewhat.png

Mobile sprite-mushdance.pngMobile sprite-mushdizzy.pngMobile sprite-mushlove.png

Mobile sprite-shadow.pngMobile sprite-shadowangry.pngMobile sprite-shadowconfused.pngMobile sprite-shadowdance.pngMobile sprite-shadowdizzy.pngMobile sprite-shadowsad.pngMobile sprite-shadowshock.pngMobile sprite-shadowtired.png

KHM Dolls

Take your pick ! These can be used as icons or bullets, like the tiny icons, or they can be used as avatars in their own right. Feel free to resize them ! This set has been ripped by TNE.

Moogle doll from KHM. Another Moogle doll from KHM. Black Fungus doll from KHM. WhiteM (Mobile).png Red Nocturne doll from KHM. Yellow Opera doll from KHM. Green Requiem doll from KHM. Blue Rhapsody doll from KHM. Shadow doll from KHM, version 1. Shadow doll from KHM, version 2.

Black Moogle doll, part of a series of avvies for Halloween from KHM. Black random Heartless doll, part of a series of KHM avvies for Halloween. A Halloween-themed avatar of a black cat for Kingdom Hearts Mobile. A Halloween-themed black dog avatar for Kingdom Hearts Mobile.