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OPXion4EverIcon.png *peeks in* *blows WikiDust off of WikiForums* Alrighty, folks. This is no Xion's friendly "hey there." This is a serious call to attention.

I've been out of town for a few days due to real life, as typical with most of us. I'm reviewing the recent changes [RC] and I'm disappointed with what I'm seeing: We have warning templates being used (which is a general heads-up to everyone), people arguing over SOOO many petty things- Example: Picture choices (insert the three fairies debate here)- and a general disregard to each other in general, especially on talk pages.

Hear this official "Kingdom Hearts Wiki old user/staff member/fellow KH3 fangirl" out:

We all need to take a step back and pause. Breath. Regroup. Get back together. I'm not saying let's all only say sweet nothings/sing Kumbayah to each other and never say what's truly on our minds. That is ridiculous and counterproductive on all regards. What I'm saying is: let's all grow up on how we talk and edit with each other. Like I've listed on my userpage and in previous user/edit related arguments: We're all on the same team. Some people get on my nerves, and I know I'm on plenty of hate lists. But, gosh darn it, folks, when we start attacking each other over such minor points instead of stopping and discussing it as we're supposed to on the respective articles talk pages or forums? Someone change the Wiki logo to a common internet fansite cesspool. Count me out.

In general: If all you do with your time is patrol the RC for vandalism and what-have-you: Great! Lord knows we need Wiki Gnomes to help clean up and polish our stuff. However, there is a distinct and very visible difference between Gnoming and being on someone's case. Maybe that person's the only one actively editing? Maybe said solo editor's edits are wrong? But repeatedly reverting each other's edits over such petty differences, is enough to make any user go crazy...which then becomes this long mess of just bad. See KSM's post, fourth paragraph, halfway in for a situation similar to this. So, cool it on the RC policing- yes, not RC "patrolling," but indeed "policing." And work on something else. Talk about the edit before reverting it. Let's see why someone would argue for vanilla ice cream when we all know chocolate is superior.

Catch my drift? I'm like you all: I want to make this place the best damn KH database it can be. However, I alone can't do that. It takes a Wiki. Everyone must be all hands on deck. If you have time to just pick like a buzzard at the RC scrappings or argue over such ridiculous minor differences in view point, not a matter of right/wrong, but mere perspective, you need to start working on some projects (which we all voted to work on to try and complete before Kingdom Hearts III, btw). In particular, I'm definitely looking for help with the individual music articles.

In regards to spoiler policies and policy in general. Check out the Manual of Style and any Help/KHWiki: pages you can find regarding policy.

We have a lot of new users who are contributing here. I am SO glad to have such people on board and apart of our Wiki community! Welcome aboard the Gummi Ship, ya'll. You've probably come from other Wiki/databases or maybe you're entirely new to them, either way, our policies and the like may differ from your homebase simply because we're a different place. I encourage you to take some time to check out the help pages, old forum discussions, or talk to some older editors/staff on any policy/editing questions. That being said...

Older users/staff: We need to back off. I don't condone someone being a jerk/troll or breaking policies (especially regarding KH3 articles)- call those out. But seriously. Take a moment and make sure you've expressed your position clearly and appropriately (via edit summaries, user and article talk pages, etc.). Especially staff members, myself included. It is SOOO much easier to revert and say "why the devil did you do that?" or "that's not relevant/right" instead of talking it out- sometimes talking isn't always feasible, either...I get it. But, in the least, we especially should be extending that Wiki-versal "good faith" policy. I also want to stress that the Wiki, while I love it and you all, is not a matter of life and death. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and Wiki-crazy/obsessed. (Personally, I get grumpy in the edit summaries.) If you start feeling like this, please take a Wiki-break and regroup. Go do something else to clear your head and get a break from this place. Seriously, no matter the editor, everyone needs a break from this place once in a while. While not everyone new is completely ignorant and what-have-you, most will be. If not on how to make edits, then certainly on what our policies are. The "newbies" aren't going to know all of our policies. Hell, after a couple of days I have to remind myself of them. It's just a part of experience versus non. If someone's blatantly being disruptive and/or troll, warn them three times and then have an admin ban them for ever-how-long. Don't put up with that kind of crap. But, let's back off on being RC-vultures and start heading these major renovation projects we have going on.

This all being said. If the community believes this post is an eyesore and I deserve a warning/ban, go for it. While it was not my intention to step on toes or call people out, I did mean for this to be a wake-up call in both behavior and editing, from someone from the outside looking in. *Xion off soap box, now back to fangirling and cursing at Nomura over Kingdom Hearts III.

Xion4ever Who am I? — 01:53, 25 June 2018 (UTC)

Personally I understand well of what you are saying, I may get frustrated by seeing actions or comments that I perceive as rude, by I usually vent out my stress elsewhere as it is not worth risking getting a ban by doing so here on this wiki. At least with the recent info on KHIII, it is allowing for at least getting some information added for this wiki then nothing. Outside of main articles and official videos from Square Enix, I would never post anything relating to rumors or information leaks (like originally I heard about Larxene from a leak, but waited until the official confirmation came from Square Enix during E3).

I am only here to edit when I need to and a lot of information I help dig up comes straight from the games themselves. One good point is regardless who is right or wrong right now, things will change when KHIII comes out and I'll be happy to share information if I were to uncover anything for that game. Outside of this wiki, I work on other projects for helping to provide useful information I uncover (which also includes my other screen name which I use instead of this one on Pokemon website Bulbapedia) which is another way how I have fun to help deal with stress. -Adv193 (talk) 05:37, 25 June 2018 (UTC)