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And idea popped into my head.

We should make a sub-page for game articles, which will be filled by the content of the game's article BEFORE the release of the game itself, since we always replaced a game article's content almost entirely by the time the game is released.

Take Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for example. Right now, its current content is filled with development info and trailers. But, by the time the game is released, all of those will be wiped clean, and many information that might be valuable in the future, are lost. And if you're saying "those changes are recorded in the History of the page", I'm thinking moving it into a separate place will be much more quicker rather than finding the content via History.

For example, Maggosh said there was an early design of Twilight Town before Kingdom Hearts II was released, and now that the game is released and the development section is wiped clean, the information is lost. We can prevent this from happening in the future by archiving the pre-release content of an article. We can either make a sub-page for it, something like Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance/Pre-release.

So, thoughts?

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Sounds great. We could also do something with tabs, since we are planning on implementing those for Gallery/Boss/etc. In addition to that we could have a tab for what the page looked like via pre-release.

Good call.