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We know that Sora lives with his Mum, But was she worried when Sora didn't come down for Dinner, or was her mind "Erased" when Destiny Islands sunk into the Darkness? And Because of the events of CoM, She forgot she had a son, Does she know about the Keyblade? Discuss!!!Mobile rikukh1.png Mechajin I fight for my friends!

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Kairi's grandma side, Kingdom Hearts parents are like the adults in the Peanuts, they are ment to be heard, not seen. And Sora's dad is around, too! I'm sure everything's fine.

I think Sora was never eally close to his parents. They let him dress like that, and when he lands in Traverse Town, he's all: "My home! My Island! Riku! Kairi!" But he never mentions his parents.--Bananaphone1996 22:39, 2 March 2011 (EST)

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Man, are you kidding? You hardly ever mention your parents in RPG's, only when you revisit your home town only to discover that it isn't burnt to the ground and despite all of your flash-backs, the woman living in your mother's house isn't your mother and completely denies the fact of anyone else living there before her, just like everyone else in the town (if you don't get this refference then you probably don't like FF VII). Case and point, you don't bring your parents into this unless they are directly involved (unless you're Riku, who so far has a parent mentioning count of: 2 over Sora: 1). Then again, Garland doesn't mention his parents a lot either, and they play a huge role in the FF series.