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In Birth by Sleep, Keyblade Armour was intoduced. Since the black cloak was used to cover Xemnas's and Roxas's faces inAnother Side, Another Story..., and now, a lot of the Kingdom Hearts charcters were/wore the cloak. The Keyblade Armour was made to cover Terra's, Aqua's and Ventus' face in The Gathering, what's stopping Nomura to use the Armour for Sora and Riku. I know it may not happen but if it did, wouldn't it be awosome. They could get their armour piece from Yen Sid after passing the Mark of Mastery Exam. Like I said it may not happen but it'd be cool. If anybody can make a picture of Sora and Riku in Keyblade Armour, please do and post on this forum. any other idears concerning this topic please put forward.

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peaceblack.png Yeah, that would be cool, not to be a party pooper, but just one problem: Yen Sid is a RETIRED Keyblade Master, but he could resume like he did for Mickey Mouse, but Mickey never had Keyblade Armor, so mabe only Master Eraqus had them for Vanitus doesn't have it either, though he does have a "dress" like Riku.

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peaceblack.png Technicly in Reconnect KH, Yen Sid says for Mickey to go and tell Sora and Riku to take the Mark of Mastery Exam to become Keyblade Masters.

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Yeah, but you also forgot that Yen Sid said to King Mickey to "bring Sora here, Riku, too" and then Mickey is all like "Huh?" and then Yen Sid says "We are going to hold a Mark of Mastery Exam" (Dun, Dun, DUUUUUNNNN!). Plus, Nomura said himself in the interview that although Yen Sid is retired, he will be running the Exam for Sora and Riku anyway, like he did with Mickey (he also disapoints fans about how Kairi won't be an Exam canidate, despite her Keyblade wielding powers, waahh!) Also, the armor's purpose is to protect people from the "Great Darkness" of the Lanes Betweeen. Eraqus is a light absolutionist and a stickler for the traditional methods, so naturaly he kept the tradition of the protective anti-darkness armor as well as the Keyblade Rider ability, Xehanort began to walk down the path of darkness, so he had abondoned the armor long ago (but still used the black cloak to protect him self from the Corridors of Darkness's harmful side effects) and so for that reason he felt no disire to supply Ventus or Vanitas with the "restraining" armor (which is why Ven never had any armor as Xehanort's apprentice, except for that groin armor for some reason, either Nomura was lazy and forgot about that in the flash back or Ven felt like he needed to protect "something" as an 11-year old, XD), and as for Mickey, I'm not sure (maybe he got help from Merlin like Uncle Scrooge did to arive there initially, but Yen Sid probably didn't feel the need to supply him with armor since Mickey wasn't finished anyway, though he never counted on him to use the experimental Star Shard). As for everyone else, the purpose of the armor was replaced by the use of the Gummi Ship, so as long as they have Gummis they probably won't need armor. But I gotta admit, seeing Sora in armor and using Keyblade Ride on the Kingdom Key would be kinda COOL!

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I don't think he should get one.

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Well, that settles that. Who wants Ice-Cream!?

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Vanitas Sprite KHBBS.pngi think it would be awesome got some, and if he did, i could imagine it looking a lot like xion's

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Yes, yes, now how about that ice-cream? COME ON PEOPLE!!! (Oh, great, Ansem the Wise got to me!)

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ICE CREAMZ!!!! *ehem* sorry about that. Well, Keyblade armors are used in the past and we have the black coat now, so.... yeah