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One area of this wiki that I think needs improvement is the articles (or lack thereof) concerning Kingdom Hearts's music. There are many songs that are worthy of their own articles (such as the final boss themes of each game, or a recurring theme that has significant importance to the series). Therefore, I am proposing that we should make new articles about individual songs, along with articles about categories of songs as a whole (as in List of Final Boss Themes, not List of Mini-Game Themes). I wanted to make this forum to discuss whether this should be followed through, and if so what songs/ categories of songs we should make articles for. Now that I know Audacity can export .ogg files, I can help supply the music samples, so there is no need to worry about that. Well, what do you say?
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Seems fine to me. We should be covering all KH material, so long as we don't pass the line into copyright infringement.
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Alright, now I've hit a snag, which is why I created this forum in the first place. Should I consider the final boss theme of 358/2 to be Vector to the Heavens or Another Side (Battle Version)? And for BbS, should I mention the final bosses from all 4 episodes, or should I only include the Final Episode?
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IHm1Edc.png To my knowledge it would be both since they're both the final bosses.

EDIT: For Birth by Sleep, it should be mentioned for each character, such as BBS under Heading 2 and each character under Heading 3, with the Final Episode and Secret Episodes under Heading 4 under Aqua's heading

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It's just... Xion is the climactic boss, but Riku is the last boss. I can really only mention one, since the page refers to only one final boss- and we can't really consider two bosses the final one; that just doesn't make sense.

Also, for Birth by Sleep I don't think mentioning A fragmentary passage is necessary. But since there isn't really any other scenario like that one in the series like that one, I think it's open for debate.

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Go for Another Side. As much as Xion is the more intense, climatic battle of the two, it's called a "Final Boss" for a reason. Riku is the last boss that is fought, not Xion.

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eEB612q.png No, a game can have a collection of final bosses. Like in FFX, Jecht, all the Aeons and Yu Yevon are the final bosses. In FFIX, Deathguise, Kuja and Necron are the final bosses. FFVIII has all Ultimecia's forms and Griever GF as final bosses. So there can be a number of final bosses.