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Copy/paste from Lapis' initial post on the main page talk page. To be added upon as we see fit, I guess. Xion4ever 21:36, 8 January 2015 (UTC)


So, mainly spurred by EnglishJoker going around checking our unsourced statements, I went through KHInsider's archives and got links to every interview I could find (excluding a few repetitive ones). I figure it's easier to have a shortlist here rather than having to do this every time we need a source. Most involve fluff we already know now or development things, but I have them for the sake of completedness. So... here:

"The Birth of Kingdom Hearts" [1]

  • Very brief interview with some information about when Nomura began development on the KH concept.

The Birth by sleep ending video [2]

  • Wide variety of information, mostly relating to the secret ending video of KHIIFM, and the then-recently named characters; Terra, Aqua, and Ven.

The tone of the Kingdom Hearts series [3]

  • Again, only a very brief mention of KH, but Nomura notes the difference in tone between KH and FF (the latter is darker than the former), and may indicate the somewhat darker tone Days and BBS took.

The side stories of Kingdom Hearts [4]

  • Generally nothing new except for some tidbits of developmental information, except for one part where Nomura describes the then-untold “side stories” that don’t focus on Sora, including the BBS video, Mickey finding the Kingdom Key D, Roxas’ life, and Riku activity during Sora’s slumber.

Days, coded, and BBS, post-reveal [5] [6]

  • Simple interviews with Nomura not long after BBS, Days, and coded were revealed.

Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts [7]

  • General stuff about the series, particularly BBS, coded, and Days.

Days and coded gameplay [8]

  • A brief interview discussing some gameplay for Days and coded.

BBS, Days, and coded [9]

  • Three sizeable interviews about BBS, Days, and coded, covering a wide array of topics about them.

More BBS, Days, and coded [10]

  • A bit less info than the above interviews, but Nomura talks about the “Unbirths” and seems to make a direct reference to the “born” part of their names. Weird.

Tidbits of BBS, Days, and coded [11]

  • Tiny interviews about the three games.

BBS, Days, and coded, take two [12]

  • Contains another set of fairly large interviews about the games.

New trailers and interviews [13]

  • Contains brief interviews about Nomura talking about the then-recently released trailers for the three games.

New trailers and interviews… again [14]

  • Same as the above.

Three games, three developers, three interviews [15]

  • Nomura and two other developers are interviewed.

Nomura, no answers [16]

  • Contains a brief interview where Nomura doesn’t really reveal anything new.

Nomura and Hasagawa [17]

  • Contains part of an interview with Nomura and Hasagawa about the development of Days.

Long gameplay… interview? [18]

  • Contains a long bit of info about Days’ gameplay. KHInsider says it’s an interview, but either they’re talking about the link to Heartstation I’m too lazy to follow or I’m just not seeing the interview part. Including it for safety.

Long, missing Ultimania interviews [19] [20]

  • Should contain a long interview about BBS and coded, but the links display 404 errors.

How coded connects [21]

  • Contains a brief interview about the three games, and comments on how coded links up to the rest of the series.

Big Days interview [22] [23] [24]

  • A big interview about things relating to the Organization and Days. No, Nobodies don’t age.

Big BBS interview [25]

  • Equally large interview about BBS with a lot of info. Including the official name of the Unversed.

Interview with Yasue [26]

  • Interview with co-director Yasue about BBS.

Interview with Nomura and Yasue [27]

  • Interview with Nomura and Yasue about BBS.

Nomura’s opinions on BBS [28]

  • Contains a brief interview with Nomura, which is mostly his opinions about BBS.

Nomura on BBS again [29]

  • More of Nomura discussing BBS, particularly emphasizing how important Braig/Xigbar is in the series.

Another missing Ultimania interview [30]

  • Should contain another Ultimania interview, but instead I get another 404 error.

Yet another BBS interview [31]

  • Contains what I said.

Interview with other developers [32]

  • Two developers, a rare interview devoid of Nomura, discuss the development of BBS.

Post-BBS interview [33]

  • Nomura talks about the steps leading up to KHIII and hints at another game after BBS and coded, and ends by making me want to throw rocks at him for not telling us anything.

Massive BBS interview [34] [35]

  • Massive interview about some new revelations made in BBS.

Non-Nomura coded interview [36]

  • Jun Kato discusses the development of coded and hints at it being released for systems other than phones.

Nomura, yes answers [37]

  • Large interview with Nomura actually directly answering plot questions for once, mostly relating to BBS and questions it raised.

Lots and lots of answers [38]

  • More of the above, but much larger and answering more questions.

Nomura is a lying liar [39]

  • Short interview about BBS where Nomura comments that there won’t be a game based on the Keyblade War. But he also says that there wouldn’t be a BBSFM, so we know how good his promises are…

Another short interview [40]

  • Mostly about BBS and a bit about 3D development.

3D, coded, and Pixar [41]

  • Contains brief info about 3D, coded, and Nomura’s interest in bringing in Pixar characters in the future.

BBS and Re:coded [42]

  • Nomura talks about the changes to the English version of BBS and Re:coded.

BBS development and design [43]

  • Nomura talks about the development and design decisions behind BBS.

Nomura talks 3D [44]

  • Short interview with Nomura giving a few details about KH3D’s story and whatnot.

Nomura talks BBS development [45]

  • Short interview where Nomura talks about why he made some development choices in BBS, like including Zack or some of the worlds.

Nomura talks 3D [46]

  • Contains a brief Youtube of Nomura talking about 3DS.

Nomura talks Re: coded development [47]

  • Short interview about Re: coded.

Nomura talks 3D and BBSFM [48] [49]

  • Fairly large interview with Nomura discussing KH3D & BBSFM.

Re: coded mysteries [50] [51]

  • Interview with Nomura about Re: coded and the questions it raised.

3D interview [52]

  • A brief interview about the future of KH.

BBSFM interview [53]

  • Short interview about the changes to BBSFM from the English BBS.

Wardrobe change in 3D [54]

  • Very brief tidbit about Nomura looking into Sora and Riku’s outfits changing.

Yoko Shimomura interview [55] [56]

  • Change of pace with Shimomura talking about the music.

20 Mysteries of KH [57]

  • Don't think I found this one earlier. It's the one dealing with the origin of Xemnas, the Org., etc.

--LapisLazuliScarab09:21, 13 July 2011 (EDT)