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TALK - Do you think you can erase your past? - 15:18 January 19, 2010

I don't think I'm the only one who was expecting the complete beings of all the organization members to appear in this game. Anyway, Nomura stated that if someone's heartless is destroyed and then his/her nobody, the complete being is formed again. Let's remind ourselves Riku destroyed "Ansem" and then Xemnas with Sora's help of course. That means the next Kingdom Hearts game (III or Reconnect or whatever) will defintely feature the complete Xehanort. This got me thinking that most likely, that game will also feature the complete beings of Organization members IX-XII in order for us to learn their human names. We just may also see II-VIII as well. Just imagine Sora having to fight Organization XIII all over again, however not as Nobodies but as their complete beings. If this does happen and they retain their memories as nobodies, it may be confusing since I-X would know that XI&XII are traitors and VIII wouldn't probably join again. After how he helped Sora, he would probably be an ally in the new game to be that much closer to XIII. This is all hypothetical of course.

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TALK - I want to line the pieces up, yours, and mine.03:59, January 21, 2010 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.pngwell... remember, xemnas is actually terra, but the rest of the organization may rebuild. Marly and Larxy are out, Demyx and Axel convert to the good side (axel because of what happened in KHII, demyx because he's a fan favourite, and the rest of them rebuild.

KingdomKeyDarkside - A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream.
TALK - I want to line the pieces up, yours, and mine.05:10, January 21, 2010 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.pngno, it's complicated. Eraqus' heart and Terra's mentality are in the Lingering Sentiment, but Terra and MX's hearts are in Terranort. Terra became the nobody, and MX became the heartless. This gives reason for Xemnas wanting a heart, and wanting to finding Aqua and Ven.

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TALK - It looks like my summer vacation is… Over.05:25, January 21, 2010 (UTC)
Roxas's Symbol small.pngok, glad you did. but the question remains... what happened to ven and vanitas' hearts? i've got a pretty good idea, but its on another page.

KingdomKeyDarkside - A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream.
TALK - I want to line the pieces up, yours, and mine.05:31, January 21, 2010 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.pnghere it is. about vanitas:ALL MY SPECULATION has anybody else noticed sora's hair color? dark as a 14 year old, light after KHI was over, light in COM and KHII, and light in BBS. vanitas was inside sora, making his hair darker, and him more suceptible to the darkness, until sora stabbed himself and freed his, kairi's, ven's and vanitas' heart. Roxas is a nobody, but one with a heart, and he is a sort of reincarnation of ven. vanitas' heart moved to riku, joining master xehanort's heart. Riku rid himself of Vanitas in C.O., letting Vexen create Xion(which explains xion's hair color.) however, they took the memories of kairi, and the two parts were constantly waging war inside xion. this also explains xion's actions at the end of 358/2 days(vanitas' hatred of ven, attacking him, the need to join together.). riku's body rid itself of MX with the data encoder, returning him to normal. when roxas willingly rejoins with sora, he returns ven's heart too. MX is still somewhere, probably in data, causing KHCoded. Vanitas is currently floating around as a free being, or was destroyed when xion died. there. that's my idea. Oh and that Xemmy is not MX's nobody, but actually Terra's. which makes me feel terrible about killing him at the end of KHII.

Thats a good point (the very first one, about full beings and Xehanort and stuff). I figured that out when I first heard Nomura's speech about that and thats when I thought, "Oh, crud! Xehanort returns again!? How many times do I have to beat him!?" Still, these games and the confirmed games after them are probably going to leed to the "end of the Xehanort saga" so I guess I could stand to face him 13-million more times. Not sure about the other Org. 13 members, I mean Sora didn't need to have a powerful heartless like Xehanort to have Roxas as his nobody, so chances are that the other members had more common heartless as well. That means although the chances that Sora had already slaign them before he fought their nobodies (unkowingly of course) are up there, there is also the chance that he didn't destroy their heartless' untill after he destroyed their nobodies should also be concidered. OR for all we know, he didn't destroy their heartless' at all yet. But one way or another, I'm sure Nomura will bring the other 12 (that excludes Roxas and Xemnas, but possibly includes Xion) one way or another. Axel/Lea is a fan fave, so he will definatly be back. As for Demyx (despite his large honor in the fan-girl hall of fame, *if such a thing exists, then I'm glad I'm a guy*), I don't think we would see his or his somebody's return unless he was included with the Org. members #10-12 as well. As for the confusing hair theory, the only thing I have to say about that is "IT'S JUST HAIR, HOW IN THE NAME OF KINGDOM HEARTS EVEN CARES!?" The only thing anyone should worry about the characters' hair is "Wow, how do they get their hair like that? Why cann't my hair be like that? To the hair-care store!" And that should only happen durring the month before the Fanime Con! AROS March 28, 2010, 10:57 (UTC)