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UnknownChaser —— Let's make this showy!— 20:39, 9 October 2012 (UTC)
Symbol.png So yeah, this issue was brought up during the last roundtable meeting, but no one was really there to discuss on it. So basically, this all goes back to that whole merge-fiasco back during February and all. During then we where at an agreement on how to handle everything with the merge with contents between the two wikis, image renders, quotes, and stuff like that were to be brought over to this wiki, while a majority of pages on The Keyhole were to be made in a "List" page that links to .net. So a good number of pages has been made into "List" and all that, but the thing is, The Keyhole lacks the number of users to continue with it, as users from .net was actually supposed to help with the The Keyhole and everything with the "List" project.
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What can the wiki gain by merging with the Keyhole? The reason why the we, the new KH Wiki, separated from the the old one (when we were simply just one wiki) was because the users disagreed with the idea of putting fandom and speculation within the articles. I think there was more reasons why, but that was a while ago, so I don't remember a lot.
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Honestly, the main reason that I haven't been helping at the Keyhole is that I simply don't know what needs to get done. I know there are forums that will catch me up, but it would take loads of reading to even catch up. Additionally, I find myself hardly even editing this wiki, and I wouldn't feel right editing the other. And lastly, Wikia's edit table just plain sucks - it makes me less inclined to help.

This all being said, I'd be willing to try and help a bit if someone can provide me with a list of what needs to get done.