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TerraCharm.png Do pardon me if this has already been addressed either in another forum or elsewhere, but I was wondering if and when we would be creating an article for the cards used in Kingdom Hearts X, as well as uploading the necessary images of said cards. I know KrytenKoro had a compilation page that is updated from time to time, but are we ever going to do anything with this material outside of userspace? KHInsider has high-quality images of the cards available for use if we need them, as seen here.

As for how we could create an article for the cards, we could place them in tables according to their respective categories (these can be divided/selected in multiple ways, as seen below):

  • Attack Cards (used for defeating Heartless) and Assist Cards (used for increasing the amount of Lux gained). NOTE if we go with this option, "Attack Cards" would need to have three sub-headings underneath it: one for Ground Attacks, one for Magic Attacks, and one for Aerial Attacks.
  • We could use the categories KHInsider uses to divide the cards even further: a heading for "Attack Cards," a heading for "Assist Cards," a heading for "Dark Cards," and a heading for "Artwork Cards."

Within a card table, we can show an image of the card, list the ability/attack it grants the usage of (if applicable), describe the attack animation that corresponds with it (if there is one), as well as list the card's rarity (Bronze, Gold, etc.).

I understand if a whole article dedicated to the Kingdom Hearts X cards is not something we want or need; it's just something useful I thought we could have, since it is technically a huge part of Kingdom Hearts X itself and, as I've stated above, so far, these cards have only ever been featured/gathered in userspace. Again, I apologize if this issue has already been discussed/addressed elsewhere or in another forum.

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Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png I think this is the last time we talked about the cards.

For the record there are currently 1042 active card in [chi], they are all numbered but there is some space left between them so the highest number is 1060 at the moment. That's a lot of cards (and images). I don't know if we can organize them on a single page that easily without making it too confusing to read and use.
The KHX capture wiki organizes by rarity (N/N+/R/R+/SR/SR+) and type (Attack: Power/Speed/Magic & Assist) which seem to be working alright although the balance between the SR/SR+ and the other rarities is slowly shifting, as they present already 50% off all cards and keep growing.
The "artwork" cards are no real category, and the "dark" cards are actually called "Reverse Cards" by the game while the standard cards are named "Upright Cards". The cards' abilities are mostly fixed for the type and we often already have a page for those (because they mostly consist of already established commands and magic spells), so there is no need to describe them everytime. You can find an up-to-date list of them here.
There was the idea to use the TCG cardspace also for the [chi] cards but I don't know if this can work (e.g. [chi] has currently 118 cards with Sora on it).

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Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png Well, I've got this that I tried to organize this week. In reality, though the cards aren't on the wiki, so It'd be quite a bit to upload them all now. I'm no expert on how the game is played, at all, but I'd imagine we should divide the cards the way the game does (which I believe is Attack and Assist), and then, if needed, divide it some more within those categories. I personally find the way ENX described it better sounding. But I'm not sure, maybe the way they do so on the KHX Capture Wiki is better. As noted in my Gadget Lab, I was thinking that in addition to displaying them in the Cards page, we should display them in the Galleries of the characters that appear in the cards. Then again, 118 card images on Sora's page...don't know. Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png

ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 17:46, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png It's really all about the sheer quantity of the cards. We need a solution that works with many of them, is easiliy organizable and can be expanded without problems. I can get (almost) all card images without problems and with the right ingame number because I'm keeping a list of them since the game's beta. The game features a card album function that displays all cards you already earned. It's sorted only by the card's number, shows the image, the name, the card's rarity and type, the cost, the ability and the range of the stats (only maxed, not high purified or even "ultimised"), I think that's the stats we should also display here. The capture wiki also analyzes how the stats changes when the card is limit cut and how the stats grow over time. They use the terms you get after answering the three questions at the beginning of KH (dawn=fast, noon=normal, night=slow) which is a nice touch.