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--MatermindSypher08 (talk) 20:56, 11 October 2014 (UTC) one of my favorite things about the Kingdom hearts saga was in fact that there existed what was basically the Disney version of the Legion of doom. I'm talking about Maleficent's Council of villains, or as some fans like to call it either the Disney villains council, League of Disney villains, Villains council or... a more popular fan name I've found recently: The Hellfire Club.

The Hellfire club? That makes me think of marvel instead of Disney...and yet strangely, the name kind of fits.

I don't think there was an official name for the Council, was there?

Not all Disney villains were with the council I get that, either way I cant help but wonder why they're not included in the "groups" section of this wiki and only the Organization, key blade wielders and princess's of heart, they were a group that contributed to KH1 and half of KH2 (although in a dysfunctional state, and the two newbies Scar and Barbossa didn't make it past the first day) but were still an important group faction.

I'd personally like to see a fully functional Villains council return in the next game, but what about you other KH fans. and if Yes, what new members would you like to see?

I would certainly not be against the idea. On one hand, the Council was definitely one of my favorite parts of KH1. On the other hand, I feel bringing the Council back would definitely go along way in making Maleficent a villain we could actually take seriously again, something that hasn't happened since said game. That being said, I feel like it would add on yet another subplot in a game that already has the promise of so many, so unfortunately it might end up weighing it down some. Oh well, in any case, I wouldn't mind seeing the Council again, and hopefully they would have even more original members (ones that don't just last a day)--ShadowsTwilightΧ-blade (Incomplete) KHBBS.png 22:44, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

--MatermindSypher08 (talk) 00:36, 24 October 2014 (UTC) The original DVC was classic, but did anybody ever wonder if there had been other members before the six assembled. I got this funny thought from watching a guy on YouTube mish mash video clips of different movies to make a story (a funny one). in the whole of the KH multiverse, she must have come across every worlds villain before finding the five six that would join her band. so...why didn't they show up...that's where the humor comes from!

Just bear with me here, this is a joke, not fan-fiction... Fan-fictions not my thing.

Maleficent: "Well, quite a glittering assemblage. welcome my dark allies. Shall we begin with discussing how we will find the seven Princess's of hearts, conquer kingdom hearts and rule the worlds for ourselves?"

Judge Claude Frollo: "Find the gypsy girl!"

Forte: "well, I think I might. I'll just pick myself up and...oh, heavens, what's this? look...I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL!"

Bill Sykes: clearly annoyed "oh boy, oh boy....why did I listen to that fatso cat? Get me my limousine, this has all been very un-entertaining!"

Dr. Faciler: "DONT you disrespect me, little man!"

Syndrone: "woah, woah! Time out!"

Maleficent: "why am I surrounded by such fools!?"

Hopper: "ah ah ah, First rule of Leadership: Everything is your fault"

Governor Ratcliff: "and they all came so highly recommended."

Judge Claude Frollo: "witch!"

Maleficent: "they're all hopeless...who recruited these..." eyes flash, "Pete!"

Pete: "right here Maleficent, you called?"

Maleficent: "argh!"

Pete: "Yeow!" as maleficent burns him with a blast of purple lightning from her staff.

Maleficent: "send these clowns and imbeciles back to their worlds, and go and find more heartless for our army! I'll need to make up for the lost time for your blunder and find more suitable allies. if you want something done, do it yourself" Maleficent vanishes into a Corridor of darkness.

Pete: "aww,why cant see ever give me a break? none of the other bozo's in the other worlds I visited would take me seriously to join. lets see here do better!" Pete freezes and covers his mouth with fear, hoping that Maleficent didn't hear that, "alright you yahoos. time to scram, youre fired!"

Failed Villains Council crowd Pete, who gets nervous.

Pete: "hey, wait. what are you doing?"

Bill Sykes: "I don't think you appreciate the severity of the situation. you promised us multi-universal domination...and you failed to deliver...the payment"

Pete: "aww nuts!"

when I thought this up, I couldn't stop laughing.

Here's hoping for a return of the Disney villains council in future games (if not in 3), the interaction between villains from different fictional universes as a "legion of doom" type group is to fun to pass up.

And what kind of returning or new members would you all want to see in a recreated DVC?

Well Jafar, Ursula and Oogie Boogie are probably all done for good and won't see another return in KH3. Hades is always a possibility, but personally I've had enough of the Olympus Coliseum. Members from KH2 died (Scar and Barbossa) so it's not likely that they'll return (Though if Port Royal makes another appearance then Barbossa will likely come back as an ally instead against Davy Jones and Cutler Becket) Captain Hook would be good though, because they could finally progress Neverland to cover the story line of Peter Pan's sequel. I guess that means that the Villains council would have to be completely new for the most part. Some of the worlds that were only subtly included in the original KH have potential I guess, but I don't know if making the villains from Dumbo, Bambi or Lady and the Tramp would be a good idea - though 101 Dalmations could have potential with Cruella De Ville. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Levi657 (talkcontribs)

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